Pulsar NS160 latest price is higher by almost 14 percent over its BS4 variant. We list at what intervals and by how much has Bajaj increased its tags…

Price hikes have almost become a monthly affair with most manufacturers now. Once upon a time, reasons were given for price increments but nowadays, makers simply update newprices on their websites and that is about it – no reason, no justification! In fact, it has become unreasonable for some motorcycles. But the onus also lies with the government also for bombing them (the makers) with so many regulations within very short spans.

The latest motorcycle to witness a price hike is Bajaj Pulsar NS160. Its BS6 compliant version was launched back in April this year. Here is the price increment table for this streetfighter..

Pulsar NS160 Latest Price

Last Known BS4 PriceBS6 Launch Price (Apr 2020)May-June Price HikeLatest Price (July)
Rs 94,1951,03,3981,05,9011,06,899
*all prices ex-showroom Delhi

The latest price hike of Rs 998 takes the effective increment to Rs 12,704. This corresponds to a hike of 13.5 percent within four odd months! This makes the Pulsar NS160 the third costliest motorcycle in the 150cc segment, only behind X-Blade and Gixxer.

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Pulsar NS160 latest price

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On the positive side, the new NS160 received a big shot in the arm with a 1.7 PS hike in this BS6 transition. It now produces segment-best 17.2 PS of power and 14.6 Nm of torque. There have been minor changes to the rev range as well.

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Loaded with features like 55 watt headlamp, oil cooling, perimeter frame, etc Pulsar NS160 has also gained significant 5 kilos in the process (it weighs 151 kg now).

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