2020 Mojo BS6 Specs Revealed; Major Torque Drop

The new Mojo BS6 specs have seen a fairly big downside specially on the torque numbers. It will surely have an impact on the rideability of the tourer!

The 2020 Mojo BS6 is here and in style! The acclaimed tourer has been regarded as a worthy motorcycle among long distance traveling bikers.

In a latest, its specs have been revealed. Let us see how much has the reduction of emissions impacted the key numbers.

Mojo BS6 Specs

The motorcycle continues to be powered by the same 294.72cc, single cylinder, DOHC engine which now produces 18.92 KW (25.72 PS) of peak power at 7300 rpm and 25.96 Nm of max torque at 6000 rpm. For reference, the older Mojo was good for 19.34 KW (26.30 PS) of power at 7500 rpm and 28 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm.

This means that in this transition Mojo has lost 0.58 PS of power but it peaks 200 rpm earlier. But the major concern are the torque numbers which are shorter by 2.04 Nm (7 percent lesser) and they also come 500 rpm later.

mojo bs6 specs

Apart from this, other specs appear to be similar to the older motorcycle. The new Mojo continues with an ECU based digital electronic ignition and has twin tubes exposed frame. The distance between the two wheels is 1460 mm and the ground clearance continues to be 165 mm.

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We believe the impact of the reduction in torque will further aggravate when we will come to know the weight of the motorcycle. Like it has been the case with other motorcycles as well, the additional equipment could have increased the kerb weight which would further reduce the power to weight and the torque to weight ratios. For reference, the 2019 Mojo was already 181.5 kilos heavy!

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Mahindra has commenced bookings of the 2020 Mojo at a payment of Rs 5000 and it is available in four colors – Black Pearl, Ruby Red, Red Agate and Garnet Black. You can check out all the variant prices here.

Source – The Upshifters