Hero Caught Testing a New Bike

Is looks like the new Hero Glamour BS6, however, there are many interesting bits that we can notice in this test mule…

Spy pics of a full camouflaged motorcycle are up on the interweb. The motorcycle looks like the new Glamour but it has a lot of differences.

It looks more compact than the new Glamour. It is also running a new head lamp which is smaller in size and then there are other minor changes as well. But the biggest difference is that vertically mounted engine.

It must be noted that Hero took the same Honda’s 125cc engine, worked on it and aligned it slightly vertically. It does duty on both the existing Glamour (plus the fuel injected version) as well as the Super Splendor.

Now, this new motorcycle has its outlet port higher up and close to the bottom of the fuel tank. Chances are high that this could be an all-new engine from Hero like it is the case for the new 2020 Splendor iSmart which has become the first motorcycle to become Bharat Stage VI compliant (more details). It is almost certain that this mule is running with a BS6 engine as well.

Glamour BS6

Considering that every two-wheeler which has been upgraded for BSVI emissions received fuel injection, this new Glamour is likely to continue with it. For reference, the current Glamour FI produces 11.5 bhp at 7500 rpm and 11 Nm at 6000 rpm from its 124.7cc engine.

Now move that focus point from the engine to that front tyre. I don’t see application of the front brake lever and despite that how close is that fender to the tank, engine, registration plate… everything! Is it running a lesser rake angle? Does it mean a shortened wheelbase as well?

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Glamour BS6
BS4 Glamour for reference

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Moving to other bits, the tail lamp has been changed and the instrument cluster also appears to be slightly different. It may also be running on differently designed alloy wheels. Launch of this 2020 Glamour BS6 can be expected in the coming few weeks at a minor premium. The existing Glamour FI is priced at Rs 69,950 ex-showroom Delhi, for reference.

Pics Credit – Gagan Choudhary