Xpulse 200 vs Xtreme 200 – Sales Split: What Customers Prefer?

Xpulse 200 vs Xtreme 200 – We share their sales differences and how much is one-sub brand selling more than the other…

For the first time, Hero MotoCorp has ventured in the 200cc space and it now sells as many as four motorcycles under two sub brands – Xpulse and Xtreme. The good thing is that all of them target different audience set. The Adventure Xpulse 200 is the most exciting motorcycle whereas the other – Xpulse 200T is promoted as a tourer. The Xtreme 200R is the city streetfighter and the Xtreme 200S calls attention from fairing lovers.

The Xtreme 200R is the oldest in this lineup whereas the remaining three were introduced together earlier this year. Now that all of them have been in the market for a considerable period, it is a good time to understand which way is the market skewed. Let us quickly share their sales split…

Xpulse 200 vs Xtreme 200 – Sales Split

October 2019 Month

Xtreme 200347
Xpulse 2002769

Cumulative – April-Oct 2019 Sales

Xtreme 2005738
Xpulse 20016,223

Note – In the official SIAM sales, Hero mentions these motorcycles as ‘Xpulse 200T’ and ‘Xtreme 200R’. Since there is no specific mention of the remaining two variants anywhere and that their deliveries are in full swing, we consider these numbers to include the missing variants.

Xpulse 200 vs Xtreme 200
The Xpulse 200T is the tourer among the lot…

So, as you can see, Xpulse 200 (and more specifically the Adventure version going by the on road spottings) is in higher demand and the Xtreme siblings, despite the presence of a fairing, are less preferred. To put it in perspective, for every 35 Xtremes, Hero sells 100 Xpulses or almost 3 Xpulses against every single Xtreme sold!

Hero Unveils Xpulse Off-Roader; You Can Convert Yours Too [EICMA 2019]

At the recently concluded EICMA, Hero has also showcased Xtreme 1-R concept which it says, previews the design language of the next-generation Xtreme. We hope to see its production version sometime next year. Here is a quick video previewing the motorcycle…