2019 Dominar White Colour: Clear Spy Pics Emerge

Few days back we revealed three 2019 Dominar colours in a BikeAdvice Exclusive! Clear spy pics of the white colour have now emerged…

Bajaj has, in an obvious intent, revealed the 2019 Dominar 400 in one of their official video which shared its new brand direction – The World’s Favourite Indian!

We shared with you the three launch indicators of the motorcycle which suggest that production of the new version have probably commenced and we are just a few days away from getting the new motorcycle in our neighbourhood showrooms (read them here).

On 24th January we exclusively revealed that the much demanded White colour is making a comeback on the 2019 Dominar 400 and we also shared an unclear pic of the motorcycle (with changes such as USDs clearly visible). Now, let us update the story with very clear spy pics that have emerged online confirming the changes and the new colour.

2019 Dominar Colours
2019 Dominar in Red

In fact, we now know the three colours that will be part of the palette…

2019 Dominar Colours

  • Red – from the existing list
  • White – will return to the palette
  • Matte Black – from the existing list

Bajaj may or may not add a new colour to this list of three. The existing blue colour may be discontinued. Apart from this the golden coloured alloy wheels will also be shown the door, for good, and part of the arsenal will be black coloured alloys.

2019 Dominar Colours
2019 Dominar in Matte Black colour

Actually, lack of good colour choices has marred the success of the sports cruiser. Bajaj debuted the motorcycle in three colours – Plum, Blue and White and White was the only colour that saw good acceptance. Later, for the 2018 version, Bajaj discontinued the white colour and currently it is on offer in Black, Red and Blue shades.

The original Dominar in white colour…

Speculated Pulsar 250 – Render Pic and Details

Did you know – Dominar comes with a three-coat chip resistant paint with deep gloss. Know five more such lesser known bits about Dominar here

And now, based on the demand, Bajaj is bringing the white colour to the shade list again on the upcoming 2019 Dominar 400.

2019 Dominar: Latest Video Reveals New Features & Exhaust Note

Which one will you pick…?