2017 Glamour – Name Again Changed from ‘Glamour SV’ to ‘New Glamour’: All Details

In what seems to be a last minute change of decisions – Hero has yet again renamed the 2017 Glamour to simply ‘New’ Glamour. Earlier, they had christened the latest-gen motorcycle as Glamour SV. They have also retained the older Glamour in the portfolio.

2017 Glamour FI

In addition to this change, Hero has discontinued the old Glamour FI and in place they have introduced the new 2017 Glamour FI. It continues with the same 124.7 cc, 4 stroke engine however it produces higher 11.53 bhp of peak power as compared to 11.4 bhp of the carb Glamour (at the same rpm). Peak torque remains 11 Nm but it comes 500 rpm earlier on the fuel injected trim.

For some reason, the fuel tank capacity of the FI variant is 10 liters as compared to 11 liters of the carb variant, according to the official website. Other features of the new Glamour FI include Bank Angle Sensor (cuts power when motorcycle is dropped), RTMI (real time mileage indicator) etc. There appears to be no i3s tech on the fuel injected variant.

Apart from the candy blazing red and black with sports red colours which are shared with the carb variant, the Glamour FI is also offered in a third colour trim – Techno Blue which is exclusive. It is different from the ‘Black with Techno blue’ theme the carb variant is available in.

2017 Glamour Price – Complete Range

Old Glamour self drum alloy Rs 56,655
Old Glamour self disc alloy Rs 58,655
New Glamour self drum alloy Rs 59,430
New Glamour self disc alloy Rs 61,430
New Glamour FI self disc alloy Rs 70,280

*all prices ex-showroom Delhi

So, the Glamour is now more of a brand which has different models with a wider range. The 2017 Glamour is already out on sale in dealerships, however, we are unsure about its fuel injected version. We will update, once we have a word on this…

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