User Review: Jeetendra is in Love With His 2 Year Old Karizma R

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Well.. I was in 10th standard when I saw Karizma R and it was the most beautiful Indian Bike I have ever seen. I have then decided that I am gonna own this bike no matter what!

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Karizmas are like Mustangs of Indian Bikes, whenever you look at it, you know that you need it very badly.
4 years later as I got my license the first thing I did was immediately book the bike and offcourse in Black color (as it is a Karizma R).
When I first saw her “it was Love at First sight for me'” it was the most Happiest Day of my Life, as if I have got a new Girlfriend and immediately I listened to her lovely voice..and it was very Seducing.

I had shortlisted the  Bajaj Pulsar 220 as it looked gorgeous to me and comparable to Karizma R.

Regrets… well mileage is not good and if you had a little accident it cost you some serious cash as the ‘R’ parts are costly.

I got my bike on 27 November 2011 and now it has been 2 beautiful and wonderful years of love, thrill, excitement, fear, Romance, happiness, adrenaline.. I am now remembering all my moments I had spent on my bike ‘R’.
I feel her, like it has a soul and I know that she feels my Love too, I just think of speeding and she immediately understands it and then woosh….. I still remember the day when I hit the top speed which was around 130kph..(& off course in safe environment with safety gears and all).
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When I ride her I just feel like there is no Past no future, the only thing that matters to me at that she and I are together. I am very happy with her whenever I look at her she puts a smile to my face, like she is saying “don’t worry i’ve got your Back“. well she tries to kill me sometimes but I know that she loves me.
I don’t know about my Birthday but I celebrate her birthday in a very Grand Style. It is like our Anniversary together.
Probably by now .. you must have known the fact that I am in love with my bike, may be that’s why i don’t have any girlfriend, but who cares when I have her I don’t need anybody.
We are made for each other like (“Rab ne bana di jodi”).
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By the way is marrying a bike in India considered to be legit?
Owning a Karizma R was the best decision I have ever made it in life.. I love her  and always will till the End..
so if you want a Bike that makes you feel special, love you and if you want Adrenaline/Thrill in your life.. my suggestion go for Karizma R. Trust me you won’t regret it, instead you would feel proud to own the bike as I am.
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so that’s my Love story ..with my Beautiful Bike ‘Karizma R’.