2 Days for Another Mutation: Will it be a Mightier TVS Beast Than Ever?

The name “Apache” in India is synonymous with “crisp throttle response” and a “racing inspired grunt”. Launched by TVS Motors way back in 2006-07, the bike was actually an evolution of TVS Suzuki Fiero. The Apache was powered by an overbore of the engine that propelled the Fiero.


With class-defining performance due to the revs that climb quickly in a short-stroke engine and track-honed razor-sharp handling, this bike has won lots of hearts. It also sports some top-of-the-line hardware like petal discs, fuel-injection and ABS as well. “The Tribe” is the moniker bestowed upon the group of enthusiastic Apache fans.

There have been quite a few iterations of the Apache ever since it was launched. None of them brought forward any radical changes in the so-called-beast, except the last upgrade.

It was the 2012 upgrade in which the TVS design team thought out-of-the-box, and unleashed a “Mutated” version of the Beast. Infact, it was the only facelift which focused so heavily on the “Beastly Characteristics” of the bike. The ad-campaigns sent a few heart beats skipping, them being set-up in a haunted, dark forest with a mysterious tune playing in the background and a deep, male baritone that claimed towards the end, “NEW BEAST, SAME BLOODLINE” !!

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out as TVS had calculated. The new model received a mixed-bag of reviews, with some consolation for the meaner headlamp and the futuristic-looking Daytime Running Lamps. But most of the Apache Fans cried foul over the issue, and quite a few demanded a rollback to the previous upgrade.

The clamour of unsatisfaction seems to have grown louder. Scarcely one year after the previous facelift, TVS seems to have finally decided to pull up it’s socks and get it’s act right regarding their flagship model. There has been a teaser on the TVS Apache Facebook page, with a screaming teaser “2 DAYS TO GO”.

This is actually in form of an updated cover photo. TVS seems to be looking forward to exploit the “Beast Concept” to the hilt, hence the photo shows an eerie, dark foreboding atmosphere with an even more haunting full moon. Since this pic was uploaded 17 hours back we assume its only tomorrow that things should get unveiled.

What do you think is TVS upto ???
Will it finally be a resounding “HURRAY !” for The Tribe or another damp squib like the last one?

Do let us know in the comments and see how many hit the Bulls Eye!

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