TVS Apache RTR bikes have finally got the much awaited refresh with the company unveiling the new 2012 Apache RTR 160cc and 180cc bike models, in case you have missed, we previously posted about the new RTR leaked pictures and teaser here. There will be three models of the new Apache RTR in India, Apache RTR 160cc priced at Rs. 67,505, Apache RTR 180cc priced at Rs. 72,090 and Apache RTR 180cc with ABS at Rs. 82,780. All these are ex-showroom prices of Apache RTR in New Delhi. Features of these bikes are given below.

RTR 2012 Engine Power and Top Speeds:

Bike Name Apache RTR 160 Apache RTR 180 Apache RTR 180
Engine Power 15.2PS 17.03PS 17.03PS
ABS No No Yes
Top Speed 118KMPH 124KMPH 124KMPH


The bike sports a sculpted digital console with new muscled styling and race inspired carbon fiber cues. The new nocturnal blue backlit display adds to the design element.

Leaner race designed new aggressively angled seat cowls along with a muscled engine cowl echoing an aerodynamic razored design, brings the new design full-circle, giving the RTR a racier feel.

Apache RTR 160 2012 colors: Red Black, Green Black, Yellow Black, Grey Black. RTR 180 will be available in white, yellow, grey and black. The ABS version of Apache RTR will only be available in white and black.

Apache RTR 2012 Refresh official Bike Pics:


Apache RTR Pics 2012

What do you guys think about the new Apache RTR?

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    What kind of sorcery is this ?

    • Shiva

      Well said bro… this is just a black magic to fool the customers ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

      • apache lover

        Some peoples complaint about apache is only bcz they have never ride it… Some people complaint about new apache is bcz they have never seen it on night…

    • achiever

      Looks great! Perfect design for Indian market. Brand it as a โ€˜sports bikeโ€™ or โ€˜performance bikeโ€™ and price it around Rs.65000-70000 .. it will sell in large numbers! This is what pulsar and apache doing for last 10 years!

  • jagadeesan

    I’m sure TVS will keep losing their positions until they launch new & high variant of motorcycles

  • Arka Prava Bhar

    The 1st step by TVS to phase out his one and only successful bike in the market ๐Ÿ™

  • Sam

    nycly done bt over designed….whereas d previous brand is luk cutily beast.angel eyes and d carbonfibers are revolutionary idea by tvs

  • yash

    Apache has done it again, i don’t have words to say because they have again copied pulsar

    • Shiva

      Looks cant get u more customers… it’s the performance that will…

    • w4rrior

      What part of pulsar do you see in this bike?

      • Pawan

        Two wheels, tow handle bar, One head light one tail light, two indicators in front and two are in back. every thing…..He….he…..
        Some people are psychic about Pulsars. Every where they see the copy of pulsars

    • Rtr

      Pulsar ke sar model (150 -220) same hai aur pulsar 180 vs apache rtr 180 ker ke dekh lena ……g**d f**t jayegi??

  • *LoneWolf*

    Apache lost its unique looks. Now its just one in the crowd ๐Ÿ™

  • who am i ? from mental asylum

    ugly bitch

  • siddharth

    every winning team doesnt changes its team mates which means if they are clicking together well then why change a winning combination in the name of experiment?same i can say about TVS.if apache was already popular with looks & performance then why change it.even yamaha has come out with fiery orange for fzs when they could also have tinkered with it.i think tvs should only have come up with more colours & at best tried to rectify vibrations if they insisted in getting their hands share mkt its said the best investment is the one you never made.
    it does looks good in the last pic but still i think previous ones were angels while these are lesser mortals.TVS should focus on producing only one masterpiece every 3-4 years instead of coming up with refreshed editions.can anybody enlighten whether prev version will also be available?else i may hv to go for FZS.

  • siddharth

    it is not difficult to explain why tvs is falling from sales charts ?they have forgotten their basics & even refurbished showrooms won’t do any good if you keep on producing jaded products.i think reigns of tvs should be given to younger generation who are more aware of trends & dose of fresh blood to design team is very much needed in TVS as i see

  • fas

    I think the new Apache should have had a power bump!

  • Amlan Datta

    Older varients were better looking…………..

  • Raja

    Planned 2 buk apache b4 but now pulsar 220 f after 2012’s new design of apache

  • Raj

    guess everyone wants to copy Yamaha FZ series now…. pulsar NS had elements of FZ and now apache has also done it….
    it would be best for TVS if they retain the apache platform and come up with a all new bike… the new apache might not catch eye of many ๐Ÿ™

  • Siva

    TVS: Did you forget your RACING DNA of Apache…

  • naveen

    A big disappointment from TVS. no upgradation. TVS is going down!

  • Shivaprasad

    Its not an upgrade but a degrade

  • hasan

    cnt evn beat ma pulsar 150 evn today………………………

    • Upendra

      come on road dude, sure you will bite dust.

      Abt new apache, yes disheartening………………

  • Ashish Jackson

    I just a peace of crab.My cycle looks better hahaha so imbersng tVs

    • Ashish Jackson


  • Suriya

    I have already seen this bike directly b4 2weeks. I like this bike but its headlight is not so gud looking compared to old model. I dnt hw its performance. Bt wat evr the durability its power is just unbelievable. Quick acceleration and top class breaking.

  • himanshu soniy

    It’s good.but something missing in apachi.its not look totaly sporty.

  • Vimal Raju

    These people have to redo the whole set up from the scrtch, including putting down the sick horse they use as their emblem. In my opinion, by naming this impotent bike Apache, they have spoiled such an imposing title.

  • Nagarajan

    This is a Copy of Bajaj Pulsar. So I don’t like this

  • swap

    BOOOOOOOOOOO….hag diya tvs!

  • nitesh

    crap crap total crap!
    tvs is composed of same oid vibrations,ugly looking exahust and low grade tvs tyres!

  • pulkit arora

    just a cosmetic chng nthis etc can do tvs a bullshit bike cbr250r rockzzzzzzz

  • dipak

    Hav seen this byk yesterday… Looks grt on the move.
    Not as in pics. But da prev rtr 180 is da best in looks.

  • Ram

    Am planing to have new version of Apache which is 160 CC. Please advise can i go with this or Unicorn

    • Shalu Sam [SBL]

      Yup..if u like this bike go for it,instead of Unicorn consider Suzuki GS150R its a better bike if u want good refined engine along with good features,technology,good performance & good mileage.
      Do test drive each bike & choose which bike u like…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ranjan

    I m jst wondering to see the new edition of Apache. I think the older model is much better than this new one……..The company totally disappoint us……

  • Deepak Singh

    Let’s see how it performs on Indian road.
    But, I must say that older version is much better than this new “BEAST”.
    Although its graphics are good but headlight is not appealing.
    Rest is looking credible.
    TVS should come forward with more powerful engine.

  • smarty

    @TVS u can go for wego.. scooty and excel.. plz dont come to bike and especially for racing ones… u ppl are degrading apache breed.. i like and love apache… but now am not proud to say that am apache fan ๐Ÿ™ .. its all of TVS foolishness..

    Finally i wanna say… pls close the shutter of ur company :P.. if ur unable to produce new breeds and variants

  • smarty

    Pls release the old apaches with this colors. may be it wll be usefull to TVS to say as UPGRADE.. u ppl are degrading the apache

  • Tonmoy

    Tvs should have done some performence upgrade.

  • Satyam bajaj

    Pulsar is much better than this ugly apache

  • shuvro

    Super bike..king of All 150 cc segment bike..

  • Kiran

    TVS: Please retain head lamp style of older version…
    New one is looking crap because of this…

    Otherwise design is good… Just the head lamp design makes feel bad…

  • kame

    almost evrybody does’nt like da new look of da bike ……. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Kumar Ambarish

    i just wonder what has gone wrong to TVS. The same blunder they did when Fiero was good at sales. They close the model and launched the foolish looking Fiero F2. Now with this Apache i’m sure the company will ruin itself. Please change your R&D and design team. we don’t want 80s model bike.

  • satish

    i like it……………… look

  • velu king

    i imperased…………….. hoooo……………..

  • Dhiraj

    Guys i am planning to buy this new apache plz help,shall i go 4 it,i am confused?

  • Sagar

    What the HELL! TVS has wasted money in terms of this production,They dont have any ideas rather modifying Apache. They have lost their place in competition with bikes such as PULSAR,FZ.etc..

  • smarth

    awesom bike
    Great performence
    Great control , Great responce

    Its as smooth as unicorn.reduced viberation

    New seat comfortable than older

    i have test driven this bike
    u can go for it

    Only looks of bike slighty changed not bad
    Test drive it …… Good bike

  • I sure about the TVS company s future ….it s fully copied the other s ideas and technologies ….wat s ugly look of new TVS apache….no one has like this concept ,,,,,first stop the designing and coping ….Designer suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    BECAUSE i love that OLd one

  • gopi

    same as it looks like fazer green varient and fzs green. head doom is different….

  • I don’t like apache new versiรถn old model better than new

  • sreejith

    fired upto 130k on test driving RTR180 with 17bhp

  • sameer

    the exterior shape of the headlight is more like pulsar,but the interior innovation is really praise worthy. Except that the whole bike is its previous version…… tvs needs to gear up.

  • Rahul

    “What the…….” I used to like the Apache, even though the bike isn’t ergonomically suited for tall guys like me (Believe me, I’m 6ft 3″).
    As said correctly by fellow members, TVS has tried to copy the headlight assembly of the pulsar – they just slightly altered the position lamps (wolf-eye in the Pulsar).
    btw, we’ve gotta give credit to the advertisement- If the whole bike was shown in a daylight scene, the bike wud’ve never made it out of the factory ๐Ÿ˜€

  • prabhu

    hey ,, this bike modell …is a copied one……….. front doom from ……..bajaj XCD and fuel tank ……… wings from their own….. tvs FLAME …………….what an idea sir ji……….LOL….!!!

  • Vishal Paul Maliekkal

    I have brought the new apache rtr 180 2012 version. as usual, I too had my own inhibitions before trying it… But once you ride it… That’s when you come to know the true potential. Every one goes and tries to get a test ride on a new vehicle which does not prove the byke’s true potential. I too did the same mistake. Fortunately for me , I was able to ride a well mated RTR 180. And I went and brought the new 180 version the next day. The pictures does not do justice to the looks of the byke. It looks really beautiful in real. Moreover the byke showa it’s mettle only after the first service and run in period. EVERY ONE SHOULD TEST RIDE THE NEW RTR ONLY AFTER THEIR RUN IN PERIOD. THAT’S WHEN YOU COME TO KNOW THE TRUEPOTENTIAL OF THIS VEHICLE.

  • AVVY

    guys lets see the result in the market.

  • shantanu

    apache is unavoidable just bcz u go between two trucks and even come alive just in 4th gear….u dont even need the 5th.

  • charan

    very bad i just hate dis model

  • pkp

    This looks grt to me !!!! Some people hate it because they already have old RTR model. And they think they are outdated. Obviously all people will raise their hand for their own bike. Some people hates because this is not photogenic. Go to showroom and watch it live. Its looks grt. I took test drive on it, very powerful engine and sporty on the range ~80K. TVS tried to make gear more smoother compare to old model. This bike is little heavy than old one with rear wheel tube less. May be vibration is less than the old one.I am totally confused about the mileage. TVS says it will come 45-50 as old model. But i don’t believe it. As this is more heavier than the old one. I am planning to go with it.Any one can tell me the exact mileage for it ?

    • Nitin kundra

      Ultimate byk ..good pic up nd the milege is 50 plus very nice stikers .good looks ..where as pulsar is the worst byk of the world ..evn bjaj discover is bettr than pulsar .pulsar to mahaf**du byk h…

    • Ajay

      Yup..i agree with you..its not photogenic really.. Thought of buying the old model.. But changed at the last moment seeing new one in showroom

  • saiful

    I need apache bike

  • unknown

    im confused with plusar 150 or apache rtr 160?????? which one is best?????????

  • pkp

    APACHE 160 —I booked it today ……. with Pulsur u will have weird sound from gear box after one year. And i had a conversation with a APCHE beast owner. He told this is the best bike on 80K range and milage for him is 49 km after first servicing. And before he was having pulsur 150. So i think u got the answer.

    • unknown

      I agree for it bro, but the issue is with looks of new A P A C H E , the old one is good thn the new!!!!

  • Arjun

    i love this bike…nd going to get it soon….but the plan ws fr frst one…..tell me guyzz apache white 180 rtr is right choice???

  • Elango

    it is nice but i need a bike apache rtr 160 with pure black without shades

  • Ajay

    Hey guys,don’t comment on bike unless you see the bike in real.. Even I don’t like the bike in pics.after seeing in showroom its not that ugly.mor
    eover vibrations are reduced in new one.. Planning to buy this..i don’t care about the comments made previously..

  • rizu

    In real bike looks great than in pictures! it just amaze everyone at night with its new DRL LED lights!

  • MJ

    Booked rtr 160.. Delivery this friday…
    Thanks for all the pros and cons comments…this bike still comes out a real Champ..
    Waiting for u apache!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  • plzz tell me the real mileage of apache rtr160 new beast…. apacche 160 user plzz tell me mileage of this bike ..
    also tell price..

  • raj

    My favourite Baik appppchi