Yamaha’s Customize FZX Campaign Brings Interesting Concepts

Customize FZX campaign by the company brings in innovative designs by enthusiastic designers. They have imagined the motorcycle in various genres…

Yamaha is running a campaign called Customize FZX. It encourages talented designers to create their customized renders of the all-new neo-retro roadster Yamaha FZ-X.

The Jap has been sharing the cool design works of various creative automobile designers on its Facebook handle. Designers interested in the campaign can participate individually or as a group.

The winner of the competition will get to win cool Amazon gift hampers though there will be no cash/monetary incentive for participation. Also, the designers get a shout-out with their design work on Yamaha’s Facebook page.

A number of enthusiasts have shared their designs. Some of them are extremely impressive while the rest are too flashy. Designers have imagined the neo-retro motorcycle as an ADV, bobber, streetster and what not. Who knows Yamaha may keep some features for its update whenever it gets due.

We are also sharing some designs shared by designers on this page.

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Steps of Participation in Customize FZ-X

To participate in Customize FZ-X campaign participants have to follow 3 easy steps. The steps are the same for individual and group participants.

  • They have to select a theme for their design out of three available themes, Retro, Touring and Futuristic
  • Create a design
  • Submit the digital render on Yamaha FZ-X official website
  • To register in the competition, participants can click here.
customize FZX

FZX vs FZS – What is Different…?

The deadline for submission of digital renders is set to 21st August 2021. Yamaha will announce the winners of the competition by 31st August 2021.

As per the rules set by Yamaha, it will share the design renders on its Facebook timeline. Three entries with maximum Facebook Likes by the public will be adjudged as the winning entries. To know more about the criteria of participation, click here.

customize FZX