Yamaha’s 7th Jan Launch May be the Stylish D’elight!

A teaser ‘Block Your Date’ mailer from Yamaha is all it required to get disturbed and go into the fantasy world of expecting big bikes from the Jap. However, soon after a pinch, we came back to the ground reality and started hunting around for possibilities.

Yamaha-Delight-Scooter-India (3)And a close source tells us that Yamaha’s 07th January launch may be the stylish scooter D’elight which is sold in some international markets. Now, what we loved about this scooter is the fusion of classic and modernity. It appears to be a true rival to Vespa VX in its retro-contemporary design.

D’elight is powered by a 114cc single cylinder petrol engine capable of producing power output of 7.2PS at 7000 rpm and a maximum torque of 7.6Nm at 5500 rpm. It comes with telescopic shock absorbers and single disc brake upfront. It also gets bigger 12 inch tyres like Wego and weighs less than 100kgs.

Yamaha-Delight-Scooter-India (2)

Yamaha’s Ray twins are powered by a very similar engine (with a minor difference of 0.1mm in stroke) and better torque figures and they may plonk the same on the D’elight in India. What we clearly understand is that D’elight, if it is coming to India, will be priced on top of all the 110cc scooters we have.

Though this is not a confirmed bit but D’elight will be a lovely addition to the segment targeting premium customers which favor style over anything else.

Will you get Delighted if Delight is what Yamaha announces on 7th?

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