BLOCK YOUR DATE: Yamaha India to Launch New Product on 7th January

In a surprise email that stuck our mailboxes yesterday evening, Yamaha India has asked us to block our dates for 7th January 2014. The reason has not been mentioned and all they have said is “Yamaha gears up to unveil a new chapter”.


After the responses and hope we have received at our Facebook page, let us clarify that there is no 4-stroke RX100 or RD350! Also, it will not be the much awaited R25 since it is still sometime away from mass production. And this event doesn’t appear to be a launch/unveiling of a Special Edition stickerjob motorcycle/scooter. So then what is it?

According to us it is a new scooter that Yamaha will be unveiling for our markets. The scooter can carry a 113cc motor like the Ray twins or a bigger 125cc engine against Access and Swish. Moreover, the upcoming scooter is expected to be a unisex scoot most probably a more premium one than Ray and Ray Z.


*This is the most awaited Yamaha bike of..well..last 5 years or more. Click pic for all the details.

In the recent times, Yamaha has also hinted at an entry level mass segment motorcycle details of which are not known. The 7th January event may also include that.

So, do you think, it is either or both of these products that Yamaha will unveil/launch on 7th January. Or you feel that it is something else, something more interesting?

Nonetheless, whatever it is, we will be reporting from ground zero with all the details. Stay tuned!

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