‘How Can RX100 Happen in 4-Stroke Format?’, Asks Yamaha’s Chairman

Yamaha RX100 revival is definitely under discussion but the company is finding it extremely difficult to create a proper format that may please bikers…

The legendary RX100 was one motorcycle that every biking enthusiast would love to ride. It was the motorcycle that, kind of, established Yamaha in India – as a performance motorcycle manufacturer. After a fairly long stint it had to be discontinued because of tighter emission norms where 2-stroke motorcycles were just not possible.

There is a lot of interest in the brand and people still want that feel of the RX100. In its small format, the motorcycle was loved for its sound, light weight and performance. There have been a few instances where Yamaha’s Chairman Eishin Chihana had talked about the big possibility of the revival of the RX100.

He has talked about it yet another time in an interview to another publication. Chihana reiterated that the company is definitely studying the subject but cleared that it will be really difficult to replicate the original image of the RX100 in a 4-stroke format, even after increasing the cubic capacity to 200cc (or more).

It will be literally impossible to emit that iconic sound of the 2-stroke RX100 on a 4-stroke single cylinder near 200cc motorcycle. He asks,

I am constantly looking for answers. People do want the RX 100 but 2-stroke is not the answer and in 4-stroke, the question is how can it happen without ruining the brand and image.

While the project is very much on but from the latest words it appears that nothing has been finalized yet and Yamaha intends to take a very cautious approach towards it, as it will be extremely difficult for the company to meet customer expectations in this case.

Yamaha rx100 revival
Yamaha can not simply make an RX100 by putting a bigger 4-stroke engine. There is a lot that the brand stood for…

For a new RX100 to be similarly likable, it has to be powerful, it has to emit a beautiful sound, it has to be agile, look simple yet beautiful and finally, be reasonably affordable. All of these traits are extremely difficult to package in one 4-stroke motorcycle that can please today’s bikers.

Chihana left by saying…

I have full respect for the brand and it is important to keep the legacy alive…

How will things pan out for the new prospect RX100? Being a Yamaha enthusiast do you have any ideas to share with the company…?

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