User Review: Yamaha RX135 Rebuild Love Story By Sourav

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HELLO! Everyone I am Sourav from Kolkata (The city of Love). I have completed ma B.Tech in I.T. from Malda(WEST BENGAL). This is my first Review for ma Love i.e. YAMAHA RX135..AND SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH…..

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The above picture is my RX135 before its rebuild, let me tell you how it comes into ma life. I was asking to ma parents from 3 years to buy me a bike, but they refuse me as I am the only BOY child in ma family so (u know Indian parents mentality . . .), they were having risk to give me any bike. So, I have decided to take second hand bike from ma saved money but I was having only 7000 bucks, and I saw near by ma home that one person wants to sell his bike RX135 which was 1996 made.

So you can imagine how old it was and I bought it at Rs 6500 in 2008 in KOLKATA. Then one day ma mom took me to bike showroom to buy me a new bike (by seeing craziness in me). I went to showroom with ma mom to take another bike, the sales men showed me ROYAL ENFIELD THUNDER BIRD, R15 V1 but don’t know why I refused it and came back home and after some time in the evening I went to ma bike room where I kept ma RX135, I looked at ma bike for hours, then I decided why to take new bike when I have one and I can make it new. So, next day morning I ask ma mom to give me some money so that I can rebuild or I can say REBIRTH of ma RX135. Then I called one mechanic friend who is expert in fixing parts of bike.

Yamaha-RX135-Review (4)We have fixed all parts; I have almost changed 70% part into new and specially originally YAMAHA PARTS. Every morning I got ready and went to Wellington (Biking place at Kolkata where only bike parts are available), Yamaha parts dealer and I searched every parts of ma Bike from internet and tell to those dealers to order those parts, So many times it happens that they were also unknowing about those parts, And they ask me from where you got those parts name and numbers? Every day I irritated them to bring those Yamaha original parts for me.

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7/1,Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road,Kolkata-700 013

In 2009 I took ma bike to ma collage at Malda which is 350 kms by train, when I was going by train with ma bike it cost only 300rs and while returning from Malda to Kolkata, the same Indian railway ask me 1100 rs. So, I decided to ride ma bike from Malda to Kolkata.

I started ma journey from Malda at 2.00PM and reached Kolkata at 2.00AM, during that journey I felt so happy, I was alone and feeling the ride with ma love RX through NH 34, I stopped only twice for snacks. During that lovely journey ma front shocker spring broke, while returning I was not having indicators, because that time It was not rebuilt by me, headlight was working sometime and sometime it stopped working, ma bikes mudguard broken down, but one thing I must say that ma bike’s engine was so smooth and so strong, and the journey was being special for me where I stopped twice, I rode at night all those things was very special for me.



When I came back to ma home I started working on ma bike as I told you earlier, whole day I spent ma time with ma Yamaha RX135. My mechanic friend have fixed those new and original Yamaha parts of RX135, and I have brought all the original parts from Yamaha dealers in Wellington and fixed it with ma friends, I have changed the seats, tyres, headlight etc. I have painted my chassis and so on. I have spent around Rs 60,000 for ma YAMAHA RX135.

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I made it all new YAMAHA RX135, I ride ma bike only by seeing whether forecast, first I will see weather its going to rain or not. I ride it on SEASON WITHOUT RAIN. Whenever I am with ma bike I feel so special and complete.I love RX135 more then anything.

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On 9th November 2011 at 1.00AM AROUND YAMAHA RX135 got REBIRTH and I got ma life that day with ma bike, ma bike never leaves me in any way of life. When I ride ma bike everyone looks at ma bike and they definitely ask me IS IT A NEW BIKE? DID YAMAHA AGAIN STARTED MAKING RX??

I proudly say no it’s a rebuilt bike by me. Even ma bike have its own room in ma home no one is allowed inside that room and nobody is permitted to touch it up. Even I never wash ma RX135 by water or shampoo, I always use petrol (75RS/liter) to clean some of its parts. Even I have different clothes to clean different parts of my bike…..


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I will not write about mileage because I never thought about it, I change my oil at 900km . I LOVE MY RX135 more than ma life, SO I just need ma RX135 RUNNING.
It always gives me a smooth ride and makes me feel happy and special. I AM A DIE HARD FAN OF BIKES and I can proudly say that the way I built ma bike, the feelings, and the emotions which I have with ma RX135 that no one can have or can understand.

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In these 6 months while rebuilding I have spent ma all time with ma love RX135. Even still I use to search new and original product of YAMAHA for ma RX135. I uses to gift ma bike something  in Durga pooja because in Kolkata it’s a tradition to gift something to our loved ones. So, why not ma RX135 will get something new, it also gets new mirror or some time new and original lights. In RX135’s birthday which is on 9th November I give 2T oil, or change its engine oil or take a long ride with ma RX135.

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Yamaha-RX135-ReviewAt last I will say that there are so many bike lovers. Love your bike treat it like you’re loved one. You love your machine it will also give you love. Thanks to them who all are reading ma review and try understand ma feelings, emotions with ma YAMAHA RX135. And especially I want to thank ma friend who helped me to rebuild ma RX135 and ma mom.


Sourav Dhali

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