Yamaha R3 Recalled for the Second Time in India

In an official communication circulated to the media, Yamaha has voluntarily announced a recall of their 300 cc motorcycle R3 in India.

R3: Reason of Recall

They say that parent company Yamaha Japan has detected an issue in its Fuel Tank Bracket and Main Switch Sub Assy and hence a worldwide recall, which also includes India. They also say that this will affect 1155 motorcycles, which also probably tells us that so far, they have sold these many R3s in India.

Obviously the defected parts will be replaced free of cost at local Yamaha dealerships. The process of replacement has begun and the company is directly contacting customers for this.

Since this appears to involve all the R3s sold in India, you can also connect with your local dealer to speak about the time it will take for the process and if possible, schedule an appointment on a mutually agreeable time.

This is the second recall of the motorcycle after they called back all the R3s for a clutch release plate assy and oil pump assy malfunction in June 30, 2016 (related report).

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This is proactive on the part of Yamaha to issue a recall and very unlike few manufacturers who continue to deny widespread defects in their motorcycles.

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