How About a 60 PS Turbocharged R3? Here is One…

The marvellous Yamaha R3 has a parallel twin engine which will paste a big grin on your face everytime you wring that throttle. Displacing 321 cc the liquid cooled, fuel injected engine produces 42 PS of maximum power at 10,750 rpm and 29.6 Nm of peak torque at 9,000 rpm. However, Nicola Bragagnolo, a guy from Europe, was not happy with this and wanted some more juice out of his machine!

So how do you increase the power output to Moto 3 levels without increasing the engine displacement? Turbo charging! Yes, Bragagnolo has added a turbocharger to his R3 to gain some 18 odd extra horses…

Yamaha R3 turbo 1

The turbocharger used is the IHI RHB31, which is probably the world’s smallest turbo and can be used in engines ranging from 125 cc to 600 cc. A report in reveals that the maximum power output has been limited to 60 PS at 10,000 rpm! The total cost in this process was 9,900 Euros which equates to about Rs 7 lakhs in INR.

Yamaha R3 turbo 5

Another interesting thing about this turbocharged Yamaha is that the bike has also been homologated for home usage in its native country which means that Nicola can firepower his turbocharged R3 on public roads legally…

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