Predator Black is the Best Color on Yamaha R25; NO..? [POLL]

With the launch of R25 today in Indonesia, we have got to know the official specs of the twin cylinder, much-awaited and the first 250cc from Yamaha’s stables.


While we have reported about the launch along with the official specs of R25 (here), let us highlight the three colors Yamaha has made available for the R25.

Yamaha, very recently launched the R15 in Indonesia in three colours – Red, Blue and Black. It is this same set of three colours that R25 is available in albeit under new names and different graphics. What is missing is some special edition which, may be, India will get in some snazzy colours.


Nonetheless, the pick of the colours for me is easily the Black which is called as Predator Black by Yamaha. It has some ascents of contrasting red on the fairing and at the rear cowl which further enhances the appeal. I am, frankly, a lover of graphic-less bikes and the black color comes closest to that on the R25.

For all of you who love a little bit of dash on your motorcycles, Yamaha has on offer the red/white & blue/white dual tone colors combos. The Racing Blue gets GP tag on the fairing and the R25 badge at the rear cowl. The Diablo Red, on the other hand, has the most highlighted ‘R25’ lettering.


Picking up a close second is a little difficult for me but may be (read that twice), I will pick the Diablo Red over the Racing Blue. So here is how I would stack them up based on my choice.

  1. First: Predator Black
  2. Second: Diablo Red
  3. Third: Racing Blue

Do you echo the same thoughts? Or do you have a revised ranking? Do share which is your best color on Yamaha R25 in the following Poll.

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