Twist in the Tale? Yamaha Registers ‘R2’ Name

Yamaha R2 – is there more to the motorcycle being tested in India? Is the Jap readying a surprise for everyone?

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Before the introduction of any new model, manufacturers have to patent their names in various markets so that no other maker can use it – taking undue advantage of the popularity. However, there have been various instances, when automakers have patented names of new models but only in anticipation of going to that market (with that particular model).

A very interesting development has taken place on similar lines. Yamaha has patented the brand name ‘R2’ in various markets like – Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, etc. Going by the nomenclature Yamaha uses, this indicates at the possibility of the company preparing a near 200cc model (we do NOT think there will be a 2000cc model under the company’s R tag).

yamaha r2
R2 patent doc in Australia

Now, the 200cc displacement is generally not a very global platform but the company appears to be finding new segments to venture into of late. Like it discontinued the R6 recently and launched the new R7 internationally.

But a problem to comprehend here is that Yamaha does not have a near 200cc engine that is Euro 5 compliant anywhere in the world. There is a big possibility that, like the R15, the R2, if it is destined for specific markets, could be a single cylinder motorcycle. So, it may have to develop one from the scratch.

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yamaha r2
R2 patent doc in Philippines…

That brings us to the new model that has been spotted testing in India very recently – one that, so far, is believed to be the R15 V4. There have been a few apprehensions about the claim. So, is there a twist to the story? Could the R7-like all-new model that is being tested here be the R2…?

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You can check out more pics of the R15 v4/R2 here