Yamaha is Now Into Small Aircraft Manufacturing

Base engine for the Yamaha’s aircraft has already been developed. It is making the small plane with a Japanese partner…

Yamaha has officially joined hands with Japanese aeronautical firm ShinMaywa to create a futuristic small aircraft. The automotive brand will develop a small parallel-twin engine that will power up the airplane.

ShinMaywa has years of expertise in designing aircrafts. The firm has already worked on flying boats and other similar aviation product prototypes. So, Yamaha along with ShinMaywa will experiment with a small yet efficient engine to fly airplanes.

Both the companies will research the commercial viability of such aircraft running on smaller engines. Of course, when a new innovative concept hatches, it is imperative to realize what is its value and demand in the market.

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Yamaha has already built a base engine that will be set up in the prototype aircraft that ShinMaywa Industries will develop.

It will definitely be an achievement if Yamaha’s aircraft successfully works out in the commercial space.

The Japanese automaker currently has a great presence manufacturing and selling motorcycles (and scooters) and it is present in the commuter segment, supersports, supernaked, Adventures and even racing machines.

Yamahas aircraft
This is the base engine that Yamaha has developed for the aircraft…

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However, most may be unaware that Yamaha had been officially experimenting with small multi-purpose aviation engines on unmanned aircraft, motorized hang gliders since 1982.

Later in 1983, Yamaha even undertook a project to develop an Aero Robot Remote Control Aerial Spraying System. This is basically an aircraft that can be used to spray chemicals in agricultural fields.

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Around that time Yamaha also developed a liquid-cooled 2-stroke single-cylinder 292cc engine for a helicopter with counter-rotating rotors. Initially, Yamaha deployed servo motors on it and later switched to gyro-sensors. It even did a test run of the helicopter several times. The helicopter weighed over 100 kg rendering it impractical for use.

Let’s see how different will things be now and what comes out of this joint production exercise with ShinMaywa.

Source: Yamaha Motors / Yamaha