BIG: Yamaha Files For ‘R15M’ Brand Name: Sportier Model…?

Yamaha R15M launch is expected around the same time as the new R15. It is expected to be a sportier version of the popular sportster – before Diwali…

UPDATE – BUSTED: Yamaha R15M Leaked for the First Time

In a latest Type Approval certificate, a new revelation has come to light. India Yamaha Motor has got an approval for a motorcycle under the brand name of R15M.

Now, this branding is nowhere used in the world which means Yamaha may be preparing something new to expand its R15 moniker. We have no clue on what it could be but generally Yamaha uses its ‘M’ moniker for sportier versions of existing models – for example R1 and R1M.

The document also lists some specs of the motorcycle. The 155cc BS6 engine is listed at a power output of 13.5 KW (18.35 PS) at 10,000 rpm. The current model churns 13.7 KW or 18.6 PS of power at the same rpm. That, surprisingly, means that the upcoming model is slightly detuned.

Rest of the dimensions, including the wheelbase and weight are similar to the existing model.

yamaha r15m launch
The Type Approval document that reveals the upcoming R15M…

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While we are at it, let us also highlight the R15-like model that Yamaha was caught testing recently few times in India. Another report emerged that the Jap has registered a new name R2 (suggesting a near 200cc model in some international markets (more details).

It has gotten pretty confusing already. Let us hope we get to see and know the final product as soon as possible.

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If we have to predict, purely on our gut feel, chances are that the spotted motorcycle model will be the new R15 and Yamaha may spin-off the R15M out of it – with or without mechanical changes. Expect a formal introduction in the upcoming festive season.

Document source – Rushlane