R15 v2 vs R15S – Know how cleverly has Yamaha changed the positioning of both the bikes..

Yamaha R15 is one of the best things to have happened to India and the V2 took the aesthetic value a few notches higher but at the cost of practicality. Yamaha promoted it as more of a single-seater with their tagline ‘Arrive Alone‘.

However, that also took some of its prospect customers away and responding to the generic customer feedback, the company introduced the more practical R15S, which, basically is the R15 V1 sharing some traits from the V2 like the stubby upswept exhaust, broader tyres etc.

So, now essentially, you have a track machine – both for the ‘alone-arrivers’ as well as ‘frequent-pillion-carriers’!

R15 V2 vs R15S – Changed Positioning

When R15S was launched in October 2015 in India, it actually costed Rs 500 more than the R15 v2. Gradually, Yamaha has re-positioned both these motorcycles and they have achieved this by increasing the price of the V2. Some quick numbers…

  • R15S was launched at Rs 1,14,740. Back then R15 v2 was priced at Rs 1,14,240.
  • Fast forward to today – R15 v2 now costs Rs 1,18,838 and the R15S has been priced at Rs 1,15,746.
  • What this means is that in these 1.75 years, Yamaha has increased about Rs 4500 on the v2 whereas the S has only seen an increment of Rs 1000.

*all prices ex-showroom Delhi

R15 v2 vs R15S - R15 v3 pic
Do not believe rumours. R15 v3 is NOT coming to India anytime soon…

R15 v2 vs R15S – List of Differences

While we are at it, let us also summarise all the differences between these two variants…

  • Engine: Even though the 149 cc single cylinder, liquid cooled fuel injected engine remains the same, on the R15 S it has been slightly detuned. The maximum power output is 16.6 PS at 8,500 rpm which is 0.4PS lesser than the V2. Torque output and peak rpms remain the same.
  • Weight: As a compensation, the R15 S weighs 134 kgs, which is 2 kgs lesser than R15 V2’s 136 kg.
  • Length: While the wheelbase, width and height are same at 1,345 mm, 670 mm and 1,070 mm respectively, the overall length on the R15S has increased by 90 mm (is 2,060 mm against v2’s 1,970 mm).
  • Seat: The biggest difference between these two motorcycles is the rear seat. On the R15 V2 it is a high perched split unit while the R15S is more practical and gets a unibody seat which is definitely more comfortable for the pillion.
  • Grab Rails: The ‘Arrive Alone’ philosophy of the V2 brought with it a terribly high pillion seat with no grab rail to hold! The R15-S got it back and it is practically holdable as well. Praise the Lord!
  • Bigger battery: The battery on the R15S, at 4.0 AH is slightly more powerful than 3.5 AH of the v2.

Apart from these, there are other minor differences like the more traditional single-unit rear mudguard, tail-lamps etc.

R15 vs CBR150R – A battle that never was.. Click on the pic to read the interesting story..

Yamaha is offering the R15S in 3 color options Red, White, Green, whereas the V2 gets more sprightly colours – Blue, Grey/Green and Grey/Red.

Now the next-question is – When is the R15 v3 coming to India? And like we have been saying it all along – it will NOT be launched here anytime soon!

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  • Anonymous

    I can’t understand why they have to detune it? Why bother? Why put additional burden on their faces?
    Man its weird.

  • glenn jimson

    Dont try and fix something that isn’t broken. Why did they have to detune the engine?? Totally unnecessary in my view. Also the pricing could have been reduced by at least 2000 since the tail end body panels are cheaper than that of the v2.

  • Arnold Seva

    Is there any difference in the riding posture?

  • 07CR

    seriously what was the reason to detune it ? & then price it as a premium??

    R15 is already underpowered for the prices it is offered..furthur detuning it is like they aren’t interested in selling it!

    • Reetabrata Bhattacharya

      Agreed. The old R15 appears to be a better bet than both the new R15 variants, since its engine was not detuned and pillion seat was also user friendly.

  • srinivas seenu

    Forgot to mention the differences

    1. Tail light as that of R15 V1. Dont know if its LED unit or normal bulb.
    2. Single big mudguard at rear but different from that of R15 V1. Very practical and gives somewhat naked feeling at the back by showing off big rear tyre. May be the feel when we look at P220.
    3. negligible/unfelt power difference… Experienced Bikers will know that..!!!
    4. Practical Grab rails at the rear..!!

    For a prospective buyer who wants Practicality and who wants a bike for ”USE” can/will definitely go for this model. Though some may disagree with me..!!!

    Who dont have friends who want to accompany with them..?? 🙂

    Srinivas T

  • sam raj

    May be they ve de-tuned a improve the mileage a bit.

  • Munnu S Munna

    though the figures are less in papers for r15 s ,its bit faster than v2..becz of loss in weight and retuned engine

  • Reetabrata Bhattacharya

    The detuning bit is a bit disappointing. It makes much more sense now to buy an used R15 V1 which had an usable pillion seat and no detuning, so as to enjoy he best of both worlds