Exclusive: Yamaha R15 Platform Beats FZ in Sales

Yamaha R15 sales have reached a phenomenal 18,000 monthly average in this financial year (together with MT15). This has left the FZ behind!

So the R15 is a motorcycle that changed the complete motorcycling scenario in India. For the first time ever, we had a 4-stroke small capacity motorcycle that revolutionized how people thought about such displacement bikes. And what if I tell you that this sports motorcycle is one and a half decade old now and there is nothing stopping it!

In fact, its popularity has grown multifold with the introduction of the latest version 4. Those menacing looks have been accepted so well by the masses that the R15 is setting up new sales records every month. And not only R15, the other motorcycle MT15 is also doing pretty good business it seems.

yamaha r15 sales

In an exclusive, we can reveal that the R15 platform bikes have beaten the 150cc FZ range in terms of sales in this financial year. Here are the numbers…

R15, MT15FZ Range
1,07,548 units98,930 units

These above mentioned numbers correspond to total wholesales of these motorcycles in this financial year so far.

Key Pointers..

  • The R15, MT15 duo has managed a phenomenal average monthly sales of whopping ~18,000 units! Whereas the FZ range has been able to sustain at almost 16,500 units a month.
  • The R15 range has received an increase of about 4900 units in the first six months of this fiscal. On the other hand the FZ range has fallen by almost 11,000 units in the same period.
  • This has meant that the much costlier R15 platform has beaten the relatively cost effective FZ platform bikes by 8618 bikes. This must have happened for the first time and Yamaha must be happy about it.
Has the FZ V4 been not accepted well by customers or is it the lack of power from that 150cc motor that is playing out, eventually…?
  • If the R15 duo continues at this pace, it may very well cross that 2 Lakh a year sales tally which would be phenomenal for a 150cc motorcycle costing almost Rs 2 Lakhs!
  • On the other hand the fall of the FZ motorcycles could be slightly worrying for Yamaha and may be, the lack of power from that 150cc motor could be the culprit here, or is it the new gen 4 that people are not liking in majority?

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  • The R15 is clearly one of the largest selling motorcycles in the 150-200cc space and what Yamaha is managing with two motorcycles, others are doing it with many more models.

This, yet again, proves that the R15 platform is very well accepted by Indians and this, then, begs the question – why not the original XSR155 and why the FZ based FZX for us…? And what is stopping Yamaha from bringing it (the XSR) to our market?