Q&A – Yamaha’s Upcoming Motorcycles This Year?

Upcoming Yamaha motorcycles 2023. Here is an answer to a reader-asked question…

One of our reader Karthik Saravana has asked us about the upcoming Yamaha motorcycles in India this year. Here is our answer in case you are also interested in knowing the same…

Enthusiast – Karthik Saravana
Question Any Yamaha update?

BikeAdvice – I believe you are interested in knowing about the upcoming products from Yamaha for this year?
So the YZF-R3 is coming up very soon. Naked sibling MT03 will also tag along. These have already been showcased to the media in India and are confirmed for this year.

From the bigger models, Yamaha is bringing the mid-sizer R7 and either the MT07 or the MT09 will also come along.. Apart from that expect some special editions/new colors to the existing models around the festive season as has become a ritual. Another model that we have been rooting for is the retro XSR155 as it makes absolute sense to be sold here, however, that’s just a hope for now. Here is a related very interesting article that we did recently…

What is Stopping Yamaha from Bringing the XSR155 to India? Numbers Aren’t!

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