Yamaha Press Event on 17th; May Launch a New Motorcycle

Yesterday evening, Yamaha India invited us for a press conference scheduled for 17th of April in Chennai. All they have said is that Masaki Asano (MD) and Roy Kurian (VP Sales & Marketing) will unfold an ‘exciting chapter‘ of their journey in India.


There has been no clue on what the event is about. In the teaser mail, Yamaha has showed a bike (pictured above) which appears to be a commuter. Last time, we remember Yamaha sending such a teaser invite ended up being the launch of their FZ V2 in India.

Presence of company’s top officials also hints at the fact that this is expected to be an important event and not another child mascot unveiling kind of a show!


If it is a launch then it could be the ‘some-125cc-Saluto‘ we have talked about a few days back or some ‘another scooter‘. We will stop short of speculating more about it until we have some concrete info.

Yes, let us just hope there is some official or unofficial leak/announcement on the R25/R3 🙁