Yamaha R15 V3 Confirmed for the First Time; Will be Higher on Performance & Safety

Update: Pics of a mysterious R15 suspected to be the v3 have surfaced from a dealership.

Yamaha is known for its performance motorcycles. Nobody can forget the sheer pleasure offered by the RX100 and the king RD350s of yesteryears. Obviously, the two-stroke era is long gone and nothing can bring it back. In recent times, the Japanese brand has made a name with its marvels like the R15 and to an extent the R3.

Keeping our focus on the R15, this mini-sportster, currently in its version 2 avatar, has given a glimpse of how do big superpowerful dream track machines behave on circuits. In its small form, there is no iota of doubt that it is the most loved and technically superior motorcycle we have got. Despite being in the market for so long, it still sells reasonably well but yes competition is affecting its sales and that, along with some rumours, had given us enough indications about a Version 3 in the making but Yamaha in India has so far been exceptionally quiet about it!

However, for the first time, the manufacturer has confirmed its existence. In an interview with Financial Express, Mr Yasuo Ishihara, Managing Director, Yamaha Motor Research and Development India Pvt Ltd revealed that the bike will gain performance updates.

Yamaha R15 Racing Blue
Image of current R15 V2

He added:

“The R15 will become better in its next iteration, however, no details can be shared as to what would exactly the specifications be like, but we can assure that it will be a step-up from the current generation in all aspects of performance and safety.”

Now a performance boost does not necessarily mean an increased power output. From a weight loss to new electronic aids, it can mean anything. A look at the safety perspective can imply ABS or some form of combined braking system, features which are soon set to be mandatory in India. There are rumours about an increase in the engine size as well but we do not believe them yet!

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But what is certain is – that a meaner R15 is under works and its launch may be sooner than what I and you were expecting. What changes would you like to see in the new motorcycle? You can check out speculative render pics of the upcoming Yamaha here…