How Different is the Gixxer SF FI from Fazer FI: 5 Quick Pointers

India loves faired motorcycles; no wonder the Gixxer SF (and others) is doing so well. Maybe that’s why Suzuki decided to limit fuel injection only to the Gixxer SF (that too only on the MotoGP edition) and leave the naked Gixxer out of this equation. Now if we look at the premium 150 cc commuter segment, there are only two faired/semi-faired fuel injected 150 cc motorcycles – Yamaha’s Fazer FI and Suzuki’s Gixxer SF FI.

We have received quite a lot of queries in this short span of time asking us about – “which one – Fazer FI or SF FI?”. Since we are yet to ride the fuel injected Gixxer SF (carbed model review here), here is a side-by-side quick comparo of both these motorcycles along with a 5-pointer highlighting the differences between these two…on paper!

Gixxer SF FI vs Fazer FI


Fazer FI, priced at Rs 87,405 is cheaper than the Gixxer SF FI which will cost Rs 93,499 (both prices ex-showroom, Delhi). But wait, there is more to the story! Unlike Fazer, SF FI has been introduced in the top of the line MotoGP edition… In case of the Yamaha, there is no such distinction of variants.

Here are some key pointers on which the two motorcycles differ:

  1. The Gixxer SF FI’s engine is not just more powerful than the Fazer, but also produces more torque.
  2. Because of the full fairing, Suzuki’s offering is 2 kilos heavier than the Fazer.
  3. A major advantage in case of the Gixxer SF FI is the presence of the rear disc brake. The Fazer FI, on the other hand, continues to be available with a drum brake at the rear.
  4. Another minor difference is that while Suzuki provides a unibody seat, Yamaha offers split seat.
  5. Availability, however, at this point of time is the main issue – Gixxer SF FI will be available in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Kochi, Ahmedabad and Mumbai for now. Yamaha Fazer FI has a higher pan-India availability.

Suzuki Gixxer SF FI vs Yamaha Fazer FI

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So, which one are you going for then?