Yamaha Gladiator Review by Arun Kumar

Hi Friends! This is ArunkumarAvanashiappan from Pothampalayam 12 km from avanashi, tirupur. Working as a design engineer for a japanese company in coimbatore after completition of diploma in automobile in 2010, when I asked my parents for bike for me What they told me is they never hesitate to buy a bike for me!

But I have to manage all the expenses regarding my bike (service, petrol etc….) so planned to get my bike after I got a job! went to office thru bus for first 3months after my parents asked me to buy a bike what ever I want! I need a bike with sharp handling so that decided to buy an Yamaha bike.

At the same the bike is suitable for long rides because the distance between my office and house is around 90 kms, mileage is not my priority but need a decent mileage! So I have rejected FZ and R15 then planned for sz when Yamaha showned the concept at 2010 autoexpo! In magazies they mentioned it will be launched with in 3-4 months but didnt launched until aug2010, As I already get used with my friend vignesh Gladiator!

Decided to go with Yamaha Gladiator! I liked the type RS blue color and I am big fan of rossi! but at that time(aug2010) the bike is renamed as SS125 available only in blue with black and red with black with 3kg lighter than the gladiator. When seen both the bikes in showroom on 24aug2010 blue color attracted me! Got on spot delivery Thanks to ORPI motors tirupur! Registered the bike on the next day, got the number on the same day evening! Before that me and my friend planned to test all the 125cc bikes available

Honda Stunner

I know my father will never allow me to buy a bike anything in Honda and Hero Honda even I too! Due to my friend compulsion we both headed to a Honda showroom in coimbatore, After formal enquiries we tested both stunner and shine! When riding both the bike generated a lot of vibrations after 55 kmph, and both the biles are overpriced even with out tachometer and killer switch, but both the bikes are good below 55kmph.

Tvs Flame

I liked the look of flame but the bike looks small, when riding I feel the vibration is more than on the hondas,but handling of this bike is very good, the sales person promised a mileage of above 65kmpl, he tried to convince me! But he doesnt know I already decided to go for Yamaha! I am there to satisfy my friend.

I dont want to test Hero Honda because I blandly hate hondas as my father!

As my father is a two wheeler mechanic, am also automobile, so know most of the thing about the bikes, the sales person told that the bike would retain above 55 kmpl, But For the first 6 months I didnt bother about mileage! Not exceeded above 5000 rpm till my bike crossed to 10000 kms and first free service (750-1000 kms) came just 10 days after getting my bike! Becuase I am riding around 3000-4500 kms/month.

After completion of run in period I started to utilise the full potential of my bike! I increased my average speed gradually from 50kms to above 70kms, overtaking has never been an issue in the bike, but will be careful when with a pillion rider! the only problem is it lacks the punch in midrange!

I serviced my bike in Yamaha service entre for the first 12 services, after I dont want to service my bike by someother. Have required tools in my house, Started to self service my bike till now! I ask my father to clarify I have any doubts

Previous Bikes

I dont have a seperate bike for my self, but used my father’s Libero G5, in my college ridden a lot in my friends gladiator and R15, at that time I decided to buy an R15 but due to my petrol expenses I switched to Gladiator.

Let See About The Gladiator


I think this is oldest looking bikes af all 125s avialable but it still it is appealing,this bike is an updated version of Fazer 125, it gives you a big bike feel, it has a racing cowl at the front and a shoot gun type muffler end cap at the back. Overall the bike looks good at any angle, the tail piece is straight from Yamaha international model YBR250, I like the integration of indicators along with the tail lamp.

Ride & Handling

According to me this one has the best ride & handling in 125cc bikes available in the market as most of the bikes from Yamaha is known for their sharp and precise handling, I did peg scraping cornering so mant times! It offers a very good confident and feedback for the rider, on the ride quality side this one offers what the doctor orders!

This bike offers best pillion seat comfort in the market the highier cc bikes, As I am riding around 90-100 kms/day, I never feeled fatigueness or backache, I have ridden the bike for 300kms for non stop at that time I felt tired.

Braking & Mileage

Still now I never allowed anyone except my father and my brother to ride my bike, now the bike crossed 30,000 kms with one small accident, it offers me an average mileage of around 55kmpl in the city, for long rides it offers me more than 65kmpl but have to ride below 70kmph, worst mileage I got from my bike is 48kmpl during the run in period on the braking side my bike offers more than enough and offers pin-point braking.

The tyres are MRF Zappers which are very good in terms of grip. But now switched to michelin sirac street, front tyre is stock size (2.75 18) but I have changed the back tyre size to 100*18 from 3.00 (3inches)*18, after tyre changes it offers more braking efficiency.


  • Good pick-up.
  • Most powerful and one of best looking bike in the 125cc segment.
  • Mileage (55-65kmpl).
  • Very good grip on roads.
  • This bike OFFERS self start, disc brake,engine killer switch FOR 58k.


  • Old fashioned instrument cluster.
  • No trip-meter.
  • Number plate placed at the visor.


I think most bikers suffers poor lighting on most of the indian bikes, so I decided to upgrade my light first, as my father is a mechanic I know how to rewind the lighting coil to run 55 watts bulb, but have to change the reflector as stock one cant with stand the heat generated on 55 wtt bulb, so I decided to increase the lighting with out altering my bikes original look.

I alredy know about HID Projectors started searching for a proper projector for my bike, finally ordered through online and received the kit and installed the projector inside my headlamp reflector, before this I have to convert all my bike electricals to full dc from ac+dc setup, the projector is 35watts so that just ungrounded the coil routed it to the ape rr unit and to save some power I have changes all console lamps and brake lamps to led and replaced the stock battery (5AH) with new amaron 9AH battery. Now the bike is in full dc now I am fully satisfied with the lighting of my bike.

  • LED Tail Lamps
  • Console and AMPS Meter with LED Backlight
  • Low Beam of HID Projector


Lamps and brake lamps to led and replaced the stock battery (5AH) with new amaron 9AH battery. Now the bike is in full dc now I am fully satisfied with the lighting of my bike.


As my bike crossed 30000kms, after free service I am using motul fully synthetic oil the main advantage of synthetic oil is it cant withstand its viscosity when ridden for a long time compared to mineral oils, as I am using synthetic oil I am changing engine oil for every 5000-6000kms and did general services (carburetor cleaning, break cleaning, water wash, chain lube, wiring check up,etc..) for every 2000 kms.

This is the Total Expense for my Bike

  • Bike Cost= 57,800rs
  • Service Cost (1st -12th Services)= 4900rs
  • AFT 12000 Kms Engine Oil (synthetic) 4LTRS= 3000rs
  • Accident Front Cowl Right Side= 285rs
  • Fork Bend= 300rs

I didnt include labour charges because I self service my bike

  • Head Lamp Upgradation HID Projector Lmap= 3500rs
  • Ape RR (Regulator and Rectifier) Unit= 950rs
  • Wires= 60rs
  • Royal enfield Amps Meter (to measure the current flow as the bike is full dc)= 150 rs
  • LED Tail Lamp Custom made (I DID)
  • Dot Board= 200rs
  • Amaron 9Ah Battery= 1500rs

Riding Gear

  • Helmet Viva Thunder Bird= 1500rs
  • Cramster Balaclava= 200rs
  • DSG Jacket= 5500rs
  • Knee and Elbow Guard= 1200rs
  • Gloves= 1600rs
  • Clock= 150rs

Total Petrol Consumed= 538 Litres

Overall Verdict

This bike is for peoples who need a commuter bike with sporty charecteristics, This is well suite. For more power it has more power in it and finnaly my rating for this bike is 9/10.

Thats about my Yamaha Gladiator, your comments and suggestions are always welcome, Please dont ride the bike without proper riding gear atleast helmet!

Arun Kumar