Major Price Reduction Working? Yamaha FZ25 Sales Improve

Yamaha FZ25 sales have seen a fair bit of increase last month. It has also shipped more motorcycles in cumulative numbers and exports…

The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers has released its monthly sales report for July 2021. Going through it, we notice that Yamaha FZ25 has seen a fairly big improvement in sales.

Compared to 2020 when FZ25 only sold 528 units in July, this year in the same month Yamaha managed to wholesale 831 units of its roadster. That infers that the company saw a 57% rise in the monthly sales.

Similarly, if we take a look at the cumulative sales for this fiscal (ie from April to July), then there again we see a big improvement in sales. Back in the April-July 2020, Yamaha was able to sell only 528 units of its quarter liter model. However, this year from April to July 1715 units of the motorcycle were dispatched.

Even the export figures of FZ25 in July 2021 doubled to a figure of 2471 units (July 2020 numbers – 1086 units).

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Now there are various reasons possible for this increment including the lockdown in 2020 and the opening up of the market this year, etc.

Yamaha FZ25 sales
Yamaha had also announced a major price slash on its 250cc FZ range…

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But one big reason that we see should improve sales for the Jap in this segment will be the major price slash that the company announced. It must be noted that Yamaha reduced the asking price of FZ25 by almost Rs 20,000 in June 2021 to make it a compelling buy (more details). The roadster now starts from a price lower than even Pulsar NS200 for the first time!