Yamaha Also Makes The FZ Range Marginally Expensive

Yamaha FZ range price hike covers all the models that are offered… The hike range between Rs. 1,000/- and Rs. 2,600/-…

So, just like Yamaha have increased the price of their R15 range once again, they have also bumped the prices of the naked FZ range of motorcycles from this month. 

Yamaha FZ Range Latest Price (May 2022)

Yamaha FZ-S, FZ-S Deluxe and FZ-X – 

The FZ-S series and the FZ-S Deluxe have received an equal hike of Rs. 1,000/- each.  

The FZ-S series now costs Rs. 1,19,400/- (ex-showroom) for both colour options. 

The FZ-S Deluxe now asks Rs. 1,22,400/- (ex-showroom) for all three colour options. 

The FZ-X has received a higher price hike. The three colour options of FZ-X now costs Rs. 1,30,400/- (ex-showroom). 

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Yamaha FZ 25 & Yamaha FZ-S 25 – 

Both the FZ 25 and FZ-S 25 have received an equal Rs. 1,300/- hike. 

The FZ 25 now costs Rs. 1,44,600/- (ex-showroom )for both colour options. 

Similarly, both the FZ-S 25 options now cost Rs. 1,47,800/- (ex-showroom).