Xpulse Users Reporting ABS Issues; Company Changing Units

Some Xpulse 200 issues have cropped up related to its Antilock Braking System. Hero is quick to address them and it is getting them rectified…

Hero Xpulse 200 is Hero’s most popular big bike. It holds the baton for Hero to spearhead the company’s image among motorcycling enthusiasts. But being a completely new realm for Hero, there are a few issues that its buyers are reporting in the adventure tourer.

According to a report at Team-BHP, customers are experiencing that the ABS kicks in abruptly whenever the rider dives into a pothole or goes over bad surfaces. This results in the non-functioning of the front brake lever for an instant which is extremely hazardous. This could eventually result in a collision.

A user under the name of ‘VR/46_Chet’ contacted Hero on Twitter and narrated the issue. Hero was quick to address the problem and the faulty ABS unit has been replaced and VR/46_Chet reports that the problem appears to have been resolved.

In case you are also facing similar issues on your Xpulse, you can contact Hero to get your ABS unit changed. For the records, Hero Xpulse is provided with a 276 mm front disc brake which gets aided by a single channel ABS unit. It is likely that similar issues may exist on Hero’s other 200cc motorcycles as well because we believe they may also be carrying similar braking and ABS setup.

Xpulse 200 issues
The new ABS unit for Xpulse 200

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It is also likely that Hero is willing to resolve other issues on the Xpulse based on the feedback reported by its users.

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A new Xpulse with oil cooling and few other changes has been spotted recently (you can check its pics here). We hope it comes with these ABS issues rectified.

Source – Team-BHP