Harley X440 vs Mavrick – Which One is Selling More?

X440 vs Mavrick sales – Will the lower priced sibling do better than the American-brand labeled motorcycle? Is there any cannibalization?

Hero has created an all new 440 platform that has so far spawned two motorcycles. One of them – the X440 – is being sold under the Harley Davidson’s moniker and was launched earlier, whereas the other – Mavrick 440 is labelled as a Hero – and is company’s biggest ever motorcycle.

Mavrick was launched in February 2024. Its factory dispatches started in March and deliveries to customers commenced from April onwards. The price difference between both the motorcycles is roughly Rs 40,000 and at Rs 1.99 Lakh the Mavrick serves as a great value for money preposition.

X440 vs Mavrick

So, now that we have three months of factory sales data, let us compare which sibling has higher interest levels..

X440 vs Mavrick – Sales

Harley X4401839 units1153 units1017 units
Hero Mavrick568 units1049 units791 units

In the last three months, Harley X440 has registered sales of 4009 units – at an average of close to 1350 units a month. On the other hand, sibling Mavrick registered total wholesales of 2408 units which averages to 802 units.

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So, despite the initial launch hype, Mavrick has not been able to surpass X440’s numbers in any of the months so far. In fact, it is almost half of Harley’s 440. This is despite the major price advantage the Hero has and that it is also being offered with additional offers. Clearly, the stronger brand image of the American manufacturer is at play here.

Since the dispatches of the Mavrick began. X440 has seen consistent fall in sales. Is the Hero eating into its sibling’s share?

Another point to note here is that with the introduction of the Mavrick, X440 has seen a consistent fall in all these months. So, is Mavrick cannibalizing with the X440?

What will be the scenario after, say, one year – when both the motorcycles would have settled down? Will Mavrick be a lambi race ka ghoda? Or will it settle at average monthly numbers of less than 500…?