Will Yamaha Launch R15-S, the Rebadged R15 Version 1?

A new pic supports a claim of the R15-S which is nothing but the R15 version 1. We are sceptical though… 

Yamaha India’s R15 is one of the best performing 150 cc motorcycle available in the market today and that is one of the most undisputed facts in the industry. The version 2.0 of the bike, despite being old, and having more powerful opponents in the same price range is still doing brisk business. But a new pic has surfaced over the internet which support the claim of a few online portals that the company is planning to bring back the older version in the market again!

We are not sure where did this rumor evolve from but the word is that the new version will be called as R15-S and will get a few minor tweaks to its (R15 V1’s) design. The R15S, they say will be priced a few thousand rupees lesser than the R15 version 2.0.


With the R15 V1, a lot of the fans cried bad/unsyncing rear design (and thinner tyre) and taking all the feedback, Yamaha launched the Version 2. For this, they say its impractical now! So, in order to plug the gap and please a wider audience, the R15S is touted to be the more practical version which can catch people who get upset by the second-floor seat height of the pillion etc.

The new R15S, they say will have the same engine setup as that of the present version with a few possible tweaks/detuning. The current R15 V2 churns out 17 PS of peak power at 8500 rpm and 15 Nm of max torque at 7500 rpm from its 149.8 cc fuel injected mill. Against the V1, the R15S seen in the image gets a better (and broader) set of tyres, newer discs and new exhaust canister as seen in the R15 2.0.

If you ask me, what Yamaha needs is a streetfighter version of the same bike with same specs and ABS for all those who prefer it naked! They already sell it in Indonesia under the name of Vixion.

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We are still confused on this development and would suggest you to take this as a gross rumor for now. Yamaha has an event scheduled for the 14th of this month which is when we will try to dig through. But till then, what are your views – Is R15-S, as depicted here a good idea..?