Four Wheels Move a Body, Two Wheels Move a Soul [Reader Share]

Manavjot has shared this enthusiastic post on bikes and biking and that spirit that binds us all. Read it through…

Most of Indian bikers believe that a motorcycle is just a way of going from one place to another. But some of us understand that it is much more than that. A motorcycle is a freedom which should be enjoyed. It’s an old saying “Four wheels move a body, Two wheels move a soul.” I strongly believe that it is true. Motorcycle means NO STOPPING and riding till the end. A biker should be proud of his bike and think of it as a part of himself.

It’s not just a motorcycle, it’s like your best friend. It takes you anywhere you want to go, understands your problems, keeps you in company and best of all it simply keeps going! Try going somewhere on your motorcycle just like that, unplanned. You don’t need a destination. You just need a direction. Just choose a road and let the throttle roll. It’s the most intense pleasure one can ever feel.

In foreign countries, most people don’t know how to ride a motorcycle and they feel surprised when they see a bike around. Bikers are like celebrities there. But India is blessed by the Biker God. Almost everyone knows how to ride a motorcycle here. Nowadays many girls are also learning to ride motorcycles. I feel very proud to be belonging to such a country.

They say that there are only two types of people in the world – those who ride bikes and those who wish they could ride bikes. What is the use of riding a bike if you don’t take pride in it. I have seen many people who are very casual. They don’t wear helmets and ignore everything. These are the people who talk on the phone while riding, take off their rear view mirrors just because they don’t look GOOD! These are the people who cause a lot of harm to the overall biking community!

We know the condition of Indian biking as compared to International standards. But we are making great progress. Bikes with new technologies and designs are coming to India; they are becoming affordable. I have ridden many bikes – from Hero Honda CD 100 to Harley Davidson Fat Boy.

I know there is a huge gap in technology, price, comfort etc. but truly I felt the same spirit on the CD 100 as I felt on the Fat boy. Of course a bike like Fat Boy makes you feel on the top of the world but let me tell you CD 100 is also not that bad. What I am trying to say is that – it is not the bike, it is a biker’s attitude that matters the most. Respect your bike and the world will respect you.

Biker appearance is not that important while riding but it boosts your confidence as a true biker. Some things are essential though. Always ride with a lid (helmet) on. Make sure you are wearing tough shoes. Those Kolhapuri chappals wont help you if you go for a toss. You can invest in a good leather jacket. Let me tell you something, leather never goes out of fashion.

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Chain wallets, waist coats, wrist bands, bandanas are all symbols of bike-ism. These can also be helpful at times. Chain wallet ensures the safety of your money. Bandanas have lots of uses. Wear them under your helmet to absorb the sweat and protect your helmet foam. They also protect you from sun in summers and cold in winters if you wrap them around your face. Also personalize your bike and the riding gear.

You can apply vinyls on your bike and helmet. You can do some patchwork and embroidery on your leather jacket. Tattoos and piercings are all biker materials.

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Never hesitate to spend a little on your bike. A little customization can personalize your motorcycle and helps you speak without having to speak! Fit in some new performance parts, change your tyres and battery with time to new and better ones.

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A true biker blueprints his bike and this makes it the only one in the world. It will be his very own! Feel free to show your creativity. Enjoy motorcycles, enjoy biking brotherhood and keep rolling…

– Manavjot Matta