With New Apache 310 TVS Launches ‘Built To Order’ – What’s It…?

We answer this question – What is TVS Built to Order ? in this story. What is it that you will have to do now to purchase the biggest – Apache 310…

As you must have watched in our launch video of the new 2022 Apache 310 that the company is calling the new sportster with a prefix of BTO. BTO stands for Built-to-Order and this is a new platform that has been introduced in India by the company.

What is TVS Built to Order?

As its name suggests, through Built to Order you will have to place your order of your motorcycle before it gets delivered to you. TVS is throwing in customization options so that you can configure your vehicle and personalize it to your liking.

With this initiative, customers can get full hold over customizing and personalizing the vehicles that they are going to purchase from TVS.

As per the customer’s requirement (and order) the vehicle will be built at the TVS production facility and then be shipped to the concerned dealership. This is a first-in-class provision from TVS Motors. As of now this platform is limited to the flagship Apache 310, however, it will gradually go to other products as well.

tvs built to order platform

For Apache 310 BTO, potential customers can select pre-set kits, graphic options, rim color options, and personalized race numbers and the same will be implemented on their bikes.

There are two kits available – Dynamic and Race. They offer a lot of features that allow the customer to personalize their sports bike – in the way they want them to be. The Dynamic kit comes with fully adjustable front and rear suspension offering multi-level adjustment of preload, rebound, and compression damping.

Race kit as the name suggests includes race ergonomics. This kit will offer an aggressive and tucked-in handlebar; rear set raised footrest and knurled footpegs and along with the new exhaust, this allows a higher lean angle on the corners.

TVS built to order

An additional part of this kit is the anti-rust brass coated drive chain to add substance to the style of the motorcycle.

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Although Built to Order started with Apache RR 310, later other vehicles from TVS will also get included under this program and can be customized by the buyers.

TVS has also upgraded its existing model of RR 310. The bike will now be equipped with a racier exhaust note, a better lean angle, and the unique wave bite key. The Digidocs connected cluster will allow riders to store e-copies of their driving license, RC cards through the TVS Connect app.

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The existing RR 310 riders can also get the accessories such as the race handlebar, race footrest, race footpeg, and new cluster features in the form of software updates. Prices of above mentioned parts will be revealed later this week.

Here is a quick refresher on the new launch in the following video…