Visor Helmets for Motorcyclists

As having a helmet is important, at the same time a helmet equipped with visor is also very important for comfortable riding experience. Visor in the helmet protects the eyes of the rider from rough weather condition, dust, dirt and insects. While riding in varied terrain, it is possible that your eyes might get affected.

Visor HelmetsHelmet visors are of two kinds. One that is attached with the helmet and the other that is detachable. However, if you are riding a motorcycle with a windshield then you can go for a visor helmet that will protect your eye or else it is advisable to go for visor helmets that will be kind of face shield type so that it protects the entire head and face.

Visors are found in different kind of materials ranging from common plastic, tinted, mirrored, and colored to iridium in order to get fitted with all popular brands of motorcycles. These days you see visors that are designed based on the UV ray sun blocking principle to help you protect from sun burning. These visors will use material that will not distort the optical clarity but only have UV ray blocking coats. There are also ultra modern transforming visor helmets just like how you see James Bond 001 shoot something out of his helmet from bike. There are visor helmets that can configure and shape into any desired configuration. It goes without saying that these will be darn costly.

In any case, before you choose any of the Visor Helmets ensure the following conditions:

  • Do not buy visor helmets that have tinted plastic as these will affect your vision. There are instances where visors cause blurring. Pick any of the visor helmets that offer clear and transparent visor.
  • Ensure that air circulation is facilitated or else it will get fog.
  • Again, when you are buying a visor helmet with transparent plastic, make sure you can wear it with your sunglasses on as because in sunny weather conditions.
  • On regular use of the visor helmets, one must keep a check on any visible cracks, split, chipping off or damage on the visor helmets to ensure maximum safety and protection.

We advocate transparent visor helmets for optimal benefit, but it is widely been researched that tinted helmet visors can also be used in several areas to reduce visual strain and to provide with maximum comfort. It might not be possible in all cases to wear sunglasses and ride a bike with visor helmets. Here, lies the need of tinted visor helmets. New technologies is being used to ascertain the level of tinting to make such visor helmets available in market for greater benefit in terms of thermal and visual protection besides increased level of comfort.

People spend hours in choosing a motorcycle and thousands of bucks to owe it, but when it comes to safeguard oneself against possible accidents and dangers, they try to save money by buying some cheap motorcycle helmets, little realizing that they end up paying a heavy price.

Do your diligence and research a bit to land in one of the best visor helmets and enjoy your riding experience.