Video: 2012 Suzuki GSX1000R

Owning a Suzuki GSX1000R Video or ‘Gixxer ‘as it is commonly referred to as is my long time dream . In fact, I even work on plans to buy this at some point of time. For me, if it’s a perfect track machine, it has to be the Gixxer. The white and blue colour scheme is the best I’ve ever seen on a bike and I spend time looking at it wherever I see this.

Suzuki has already shared its details of the 2012 model which is now an old news. I found this video when I was browsing and found it pretty impressive. Moreover, the entire video features my favourite colour of this bike. Here, I share this video for you all to enjoy. The video of a bike which invites to own a track!

How do you like this video and the bike in particular? Leave your thoughts and comments in the form of words below.

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