Verdict is Loud & Clear – New Karizma is a Sales Dud; Comparo With Pulsar 220

Note: All the sales figures mentioned here are officially registered SIAM numbers!

So far we have shared with you some monthly sales figures of New 2014 Karizma R and ZMR when they have been reduced to some single digit figures! There have been a few voices which gave them the benefit of doubt that for some xyz reasons the production was reduced/shut etc. However, to give you a bigger picture let us, today, share the complete yearly sales figures and compare them with the last financial year when the older Karizmas were on sale.

After showcasing them at the Auto Expo, Hero launched the new Karizma R and ZMR in June 2014. Before that the older, much loved, Karizma R (and ZMR) were on sale.

Old vs New Karizma Sales vs Pulsar 220


In the financial year of 2013-14 (Apr 2013 to Mar 2014) Hero sold 36,451 units of both the Karizmas. In the following year 2014-15 ie from Apr 2014 till March 2015, sales of the twins dropped to 25,752 units which is a significant reduction of about 30 percent.

This is startling because there were no major launches by the competition which could have eaten up their share! There were the same Pulsar 220s and the 200NS’ which have been here for the past few years! These figures abundantly reveal that things are not well for the brand in the higher, more aspirational 200-250cc segment with continuous falling sales.


To draw comparisons, chief rival Pulsar 220 (plus Avenger 220) sales rose to 1,22,049 units in the last financial year from 93,290 units in 2013-14 and this without an iota of mechanical change on it (them)!

Further, for the month of March 2015, Hero sold ONLY 10 Karizma R + ZMRs in India against 9800 Pulsar 220 and Avenger 220s.

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Sales in April 2015

April marks the beginning of a new financial year and Hero would only hope for a miracle to turnaround their 225 cc’s fortunes. In April 2015, Hero sold 547 Karizma twins as compared to 7956 units of Pulsar 220 and Avenger.


When Hero showcased the new Karizma twins before the Auto Expo, there was a cold shock wave and a widespread belief that the Karizma brand is killed! This year on year sales comparison exclusively compiled by Team BikeAdvice clears that people have just not liked the new versions which are supposedly better in terms of power and overall quality. We have unconfirmed reports that there are certain dealerships in India which are selling the 2014 Karizmas at discounts to clear up stock!

How many of you feel Hero can still make a comeback in this segment with higher competition now?