Venom & Street Tracker: Two Custom Built Triumph Bonnevilles Look Awesome

Trumph has showcased two new customized Bonnevilles and both of them look interestingly good. Let us talk about them one by one…

Bonneville VENOM:

  • Venom has been built to celebrate launch of Konami’s upcoming game – Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and it comes with the following customizations…
  • Customized rims
  • Dirt Continental TKC80s tyres
  • Stock seat has been cut and gets Sneaking Suit neoprene and carbon Kevlar leather
  • Ammo rack at the rear
  • Yellow JVB Rumbler headlight
  • External fork springs
  • And there is no front mudguard and the rear mudguard has been shortened
  • exclamation mark tail light
  • color matched callipers and cam cover
  • Triumph-Bonneville-Venom-Customizedslash-cut exhaust claimed to sound like a rugged sound-track
  • Triumph Tiger off-road foot pegs
  • Renthal Performance Sprocket
  • Machined throttle body caps
  • Triumph Sports levers
  • And the matte black Diamond Dogs livery oozes out bruteness!

This Bonneville Venom will officially debut at MCM London Comic Con and the company has planned to showcase it at various events this year.

Bonneville Street Tracker:

This Street Tracker is a custom built Bonneville and is a result of the collaboration of Triumph with Barbour International which is a clothing brand inspired by the company’s motorcycle heritage.


Here is a list of the modifications that have gone in..

  • Extensive frame changes
  • Removal of rear passenger metal work, pillion footpegs, subframe and battery box
  • Bespoke Roadmap Speedshop seat
  • Custom built K-Tech Razor rear shock absorbers
  • Front changed with Triple R’s
  • Slash cut pipes and conversion to carbs. The stock EFI unit has been swapped with Keihin 36mm smooth-bores

So if you did not understand much for whatever reasons these custom built Triumphs have been done, forget about that. But what this does give you is a couple of ideas for your Bonnie, which is now available at an attractive finance scheme in India. And if you are in the process of finalizing one, read our exhaustive official review here  😉