V-Strom SX – 5 Optional Accessories: There’s a Seat Height Reducer Too

Here is a list of V-Strom 250 accessories that are optional that you can buy to personalize your motorcycle according to your requirements. The most usable is the seat height reducer for shorter riders…

Suzuki is offering fair bit of accessories for its quarter liter ADV V-Strom 250 SX that has been launched very recently. We have already listed the 5 accessories that come standard on the motorcycle (check it out here). In this story, let us quickly list the 6 accessories that you can purchase to personalize your motorcycle.

V-Strom 250 Accessories – Optional

  1. Accessory Bar

A rectangular frame made from metallic tubes, it works along with the under-body cowling to protect the engine bay from impact. It also protects the bike from the side if and when unexpected tip-over occurs.

v-strom 250 accessores
  1. Fuel Tank Pad

The tank pad protects the metallic tank and its paintwork from unnecessary dings and scratches.

v-strom 250 accessories
  1. Fuel Tank Side-Pads 

Works in combination with the fuel tank pad mentioned above, the side-pads protect the sides of the fuel tank along with providing the rider a better latching point to better grip the bike with his/her legs.  

  1. Low-height Seat Assembly

This option seat assembly further lowers the seat height of the bike by 25 mm compared to the stock seat. This reduces the effective seat height to 810 mm, more suitable for riders with varied stature. 

v-strom 250 accessories
  1. Wheel Decals – Red

These decals add Red accents to the rims of the ADV to enhance the look of the bike.

  1. Wheel Decals – Yellow

These decals add Yellow accents to the rims of the ADV to enhance the look of the bike.

v-strom 250 accessories

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We expect Suzuki to offer more long distance touring accessories like saddle bags, top rack, to go with the overall theme of the motorcycle. This will also help push the bike as a more serious option for people who love to ride long distances.