TVS to Launch 6+ EVs in 2 Years, Including a Sports Motorcycle

Upcoming TVS electric sports motorcycle: Nothing is known about it but it will be very interesting for sure, most probably unlike current models…

As India is already witnessing a phenomenal rise in the number of offerings in EVs, TVS is hatching big plans to rule in this market.

The auto maker is exclusively investing a INR 1000 crore for developing electric vehicles. This has been informed by Sudarshan Venu, the Joint MD for TVS Motors, India in a recent interview to a media outfit.

He reveals that since the last decade TVS has been discreetly working on electric vehicles. With the massive investment of thousand crores, they are aiming to create a separate brand image of TVS as an electromotive. The company is seeing a great future in the EV domain.

TVS iQube Electric Launched in Pune at 1.11 Lac

Within the next 2 years, TVS has plans to introduce various types of electric vehicles in the market. These include commuter vehicles, delivery logistics, sports electric motorcycles, and even electric three-wheelers.

The vehicles that TVS will procure will be at par with the same performance that ICE based engine provides. Except there will be no emission. All the electric vehicles TVS will bring out in the near future will be of 5 to 25kW capacity.

Upcoming TVS electric sports motorcycle
Here is how the Creon concept looked like. TVS says it will be one of the most advanced electric vehicle in India…

TVS Sets Up New Electric Vertical

TVS Motor has set up a new EV vertical. 500 to 600 engineers are working on EVs based on the market requirements. The future electric vehicles that TVS will develop will also go to the international markets.

Mr. Venu predicts that by 2025 the battery costs will drop and there will be more investment in various EV products. So, all this will lead to more customers embracing the electromobility

TVS iQube Receives a Major Price Slash of ₹11,250

Currently, TVS Motor’s debut EV, the iQube scooter is selling in six major cities. By the fall of FY22, thousand of dealerships in cities and towns across India will be able to sell the iQube.

Currently, TVS only sells this iQube in the electric space..

TVS also plans to launch a scooter based on the concept model named Creon. It claims that this scooter will be the most advanced one in its segment.

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Sudarshan also said that charging infrastructure is very important for better and quicker adoption of electric vehicles. TVS is working towards that and is currently looking for partnerships to create a large ecosystem of fast charging units.