Bajaj NOT to Compete With Twin-Cylinder Royal Enfields with Triumph; Reveals Rajiv Bajaj

Upcoming Triumphs to stay in the 400cc region for now; no plans of locally made twin cylinder models as of now, confirms Rajiv Bajaj..

When Rajiv Bajaj first announced that it will make smaller capacity Triumphs in India, there were speculations of all sorts regarding the displacement of the motorcycles. And when he announced the target price of Rs 2 Lakh, everybody, including us, were expecting 200-250cc motorcycles – as starting points. And as we understand, there were talks of such capacity models in the company’s boardrooms.

In fact, when the eventual 400cc Triumphs came out, the official website listed 250cc Triumphs in the drop-down. It must be understood that Triumph is here, primarily, to rival the massive market share of Royal Enfield, which has its majority of sales coming from the 350cc segment.

upcoming triumphs
Bajaj has no plans to rival the dual cylinder, bigger capacity REs as of now…

Bajaj and Triumph choose the 400cc segment – which gives them a bigger playing area – and encompasses a wide window of potential motorcycles that can be made – and still be directly competing with the emperor – RE! Obviously, there are people who are expecting bigger capacity models that can be made by Bajaj in India, which would essentially mean – terrific prices!

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However, that is not going to happen as Rajiv Bajaj has cleared that for now the company will stay in the 400cc region – which gives them a ‘good place’ to be in. Answering a question he said…

…But in terms of displacement as of now, we stay in the 400 cc zone. In the premium classic segment – where Enfield is, of course, the overwhelming leader – that one single displacement covers most of that segment. So for now, we are in a good place with that.

So far, Bajaj has launched a classic roadster and a scrambler on the 400 platform. There will be certainly be more models coming out – but they will be restricted to this displacement only. This statement clears that Bajaj is not planning to rival the dual cylinder 650cc region where Royal Enfield has expanded to – with any of the locally made products under the Triumph’s moniker.