Six Updated Pulsars Coming Soon

Six upcoming Pulsar models may include almost the complete line-up and Rajiv Bajaj has confirmed that these will be comprehensive updates..

There is no doubt that Pulsar was one of the most popular motorcycle brands in the country. It still is but there is no denying that a little bit of sheen has weaned off. This is despite the fact that the brand has grown in size and now has motorcycles ranging from 125cc to 250cc.

The problem with the brand is that people have simply declined to transform to the newer generation platform and this has happened twice. In simple terms, people are still preferring to buy the oldest-generation Pulsars and for some reason, the same set of fans are not considering getting the newer generation models – that are better in almost all aspects.

In order to bring back the charm, Bajaj seems to have decided to give a comprehensive makeover to its Pulsar line-up. In an interview, Rajiv Bajaj, MD of Bajaj Auto has revealed that the company will launch not 1 or 2 but as many as six new Pulsars in the market. These will be comprehensive updates of the existing Pulsars.

upcoming pulsar
The 250s are also expected to be updated in the process..

According to the official website, Bajaj has listed ten Pulsar models, out of which the NS160 and NS200 have recently been updated with a lot of new features. You can check out the NS200’s review below.

The 220F is not likely to get any update (apart from may be a few colors). Which means the rest of the line-up may get updated comprehensively which includes the Pulsar 250s, the older Pulsar 125, Pulsar P150 etc.

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There is a big possibility of Bajaj retaining the same design of all the models and lending them new, sportier liveries and many new features to make them lucrative offerings. All of them will be launched within this financial year.

And before you ask – yes, the biggest-ever Pulsar that Rajiv Bajaj has announced is separate from this list and will be an all-new motorcycle (more details). Mr Bajaj clearly specified this. So, if you are a Pulsar fan and are seeing updates from all others – like Apaches and Karizma, get ready for the return of the Pulsar Mania…!