Surprise Surprise: Biggest Ever Pulsar Coming Soon, Reveals Rajiv Bajaj

Biggest Pulsar launch within this financial year. However, exact displacement and other details were not revealed by Rajiv Bajaj…

In what comes as a big surprise, Rajiv Bajaj, in an interview to a TV channel, has revealed that the company is working on the Biggest-Ever Pulsar and he has also talked about its launch timelines which are very near.

So, Bajaj ventured in the 250cc space with the naked Pulsar N250 and streetfighter Pulsar F250 – both of which were the biggest-ever Pulsars – carrying bigger displacement than the Pulsar 220. Despite being very practical motorcycles, both the Pulsar 250s haven’t really been accepted in the market well. That is because of the legacy the tech-loaded Pulsar NS left.

For the premium models, Bajaj carved out a different brand – Dominar, which according to me wasn’t really a good step. The Dominar, despite crazy launch prices, again, hasn’t been a big crowd puller. That leaves Bajaj in the lurch of something… something that can click in this segment for them, big time.

And that must have brought Bajaj into the boardrooms and the end decision is – another Biggest Pulsar ever – bigger than the 250s. Though Rajiv declined to comment on the exact capacity of the upcoming Pulsar, but the next platform Bajaj has at its disposal is the 400 platform – that currently has the Dominar and the KTMs.

biggest pulsar launch
Pulsar 250s are the biggest Pulsars currently for Bajaj…

More modern is the latest-gen 390 Duke that carries the updated 399cc engine that will go to all the 390 KTMs as well. Now, whether Bajaj will continue using the 373cc motor that it has on the Dominar for the new Pulsar or will it also get the 399cc version is not known.

There is another possibility of Bajaj upsizing or downsizing any of the existing motors to come up to a displacement of around 300cc for its Biggest-ever Pulsar. So, we do not know yet!

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What form will it adorn is also not known but we know there isn’t any ADV that’s coming so the upcoming Pulsar could either be a streetfighter or a semi/full faired sports model, again. If Bajaj surprises us with something else, we would be more than happy…

Launch, he said, is scheduled for this financial year itself which means we should have the motorcycle in the market in the coming six months. But where are the spy pics then…?