BA Exclusive: Mahindra Mojo Caught With Redesigned Tank; Looks Muscular

Mojo is a delayed product! Mahindra first showcased it way back in September 2010 when we did not have much competition and had Mahindra launched it around that time, they would have got the first mover advantage!

Redesigned-Mahindra-Mojo-tank-pic (2)

Nonetheless, amidst tons of spyshots, there were reports of Mahindra making changes to the ‘love-me-hate-me’ design of the motorcycle. And, for the first time on the web, we share conclusive evidence of the same.

Pictured here is a Mojo test mule caught in Pune by our friend Rishabh Shukla. And, if you haven’t noticed the BIG change, just gaze at the tank! Here we list all the changes which we can notice for your ease:

  1. Redesigned Fuel Tank: The motorcycle now features a contoured, raised, muscular, bigger fuel tank from the earlier flatter, much smaller one. Under that hidden cloth, we see green color, but we are unsure if that signifies anything for now as the regular colours appear to be maroon.
  2. Redesigned Stylish Seat: Because of the new tank, the seat has been redesigned and it climbs onto the tank.
  3. Dual-Tone On Seat: Apart from the design, the seat also carries a dual tone liner.

Redesigned-Mahindra-Mojo-tank-pic (1)

So, this confirms that Mojo is indeed going through a makeover, even before getting launched in the market. And this is a big change! The raised tank makes the bike look a lot bigger and the stance is more confident now. The twin-tube chests also complement the larger tank better. Rest of the features like the twin-headlamps, pirelli sports demons, twin silencers, front & rear disc brakes continue and it appears that these will be standard across variants.

The 292cc single cylinder liquid cooled engine also carries a few markings. When officially revealed in 2010, it produced 26PS of power output and 25Nm of torque and was coupled with a 6 speed gearbox. Will there be any changes to these specs? We are not sure.


*Compare this regular Mojo with the spied test mule

Interestingly, Mahindra intends to be a mainstay player in the market and has plans to launch an average of 1 new product per quarter. Launch of Mojo is reportedly scheduled for the Auto Expo in February.

So, has this change altered your perspective of the product? Do you notice any other changes?

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