Karizma XMR – First Ever Spy Pics – Is Hero Changing its Image?

Upcoming Karizma spy pics reveal, for the first time, how will the motorcycle look along with many first-hand details. But is this what Karizma stood for…?

Karizma is set for a grand return and this we have talked earlier in this story. It further gets emphasized with the spy pics of a mysterious motorcycle that have all the makings of a Hero MotoCorp mule and hence, is speculated to be the new Karizma.

Let us, in this story, assume that this is indeed the new-gen Karizma and we see that it sports a full fairing with what looks like an aggressive front (which is not completely visible). The clip-ons are low-set and the seating posture is, hence, more aggressive than the current Xtreme 200S – the company’s existing full faired model in the 200cc space. Another change is the rear view mirrors that are now bolted on the fairing rather than on the handlebar (200S gets them on the handlebar).

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Moving to the rear section, we see a pointed tail with LED lamp, LED side blinkers and split grab rail. The new Karizma sports a dual disc brake set-up and fairly decent sized wide tyres. What we are keen to know is the engine that this new model will get. There are rumors that the new Karizma will get an all-new 200-225cc engine with modern tech like liquid cooling and higher power/torque.

The older Karizma had a brilliant long-stroke engine that provided phenomenal torque during those times. It was the goto machine for long distance, relaxed touring. Will Hero change the very basis of Karizma? Will the new XMR be an aggressive, sportier offering? Does it require that image transformation? Do let us know till we wait for more info on the upcoming model…

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