Teased: Is This Honda’s New Classic 350-Rival?

Upcoming Honda CB350 model will likely come with a slightly fresher design based on the teaser that is shared on the social channels…

Royal Enfield’s enormous market share in the retro-classic motorcycle segment is envied upon by almost every other rival. Eyeing this high-profit segment, Honda took all the pains to introduce an India-specific 350 platform that has so far spawned two motorcycles – CB350 and the sportier CB350 RS.

Both these motorcycles have got initial starts, however, clearly there needs to be more models to appeal to a wider audience. And that is what the Jap appears to be doing. Honda has teased an upcoming motorcycle with an ‘Arriving Soon‘ tag.

upcoming honda cb350

What is clear is that this will be a new model in the CB350 range. There are subtle hints that the upcoming motorcycle may directly rival the Classic 350. The fuel tank appears to be a new unit and we can also notice tank pads on the knee recesses. The alloy wheels also appear to be different from the current CBs and the front telescopic forks also have similarities with the Classic 350 in terms of design.

Here is one of the teasers…

The platform and the engine will definitely be the same and the upcoming CB will be powered by the 348.3cc, single cylinder, air cooled motor, most possibly churning similar outputs of 15.5 KW (21 PS) and 30 Nm. However, there may be tuning differences to suit the new application.

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There seems to be something hidden in the ‘BABT’ tag that Honda is highlighting. What’s that is not known at this point. Like other CBs, this upcoming CB350 will be a BigWing-only product. More details and exact specifications and features will be known in the coming few days and the official launch is expected within this month.