Honda Announces War; More Mid-Size Bikes Coming Every Year

Upcoming Honda bikes in the mid-size segment will be placed between the 350-500cc range and that is a almost a war against RE…

Let us be clear – Royal Enfield almost has a 90 percent market share in the premium motorcycle segment in India and that, precisely, has attracted attention of many manufacturers.

Right from Bajaj to Honda to Benelli, Jawa and many others are trying to somehow sneak in and snatch a little pie. That has also made the Chennai based maker pull up its socks and as a response it is readying up tons of new motorcycle models, apart from other measures.

One of the biggest contenders in this segment has been the CB350s from Honda. Both the models are placed bang against the segment king and are doing fairly good business for the Jap.

And to continue the onslaught, Honda’s President Atsushi Ogata has announced more models in this segment. He says that the company will consolidate its line-up by launching more products in this mid size segment. In fact, he has also let out the internal target of reaching 3 lakh sales (per annum) within three years.

“Sooner or later we will also have our new line-up, with additional products (in our) portfolio. The number of models in mid CC segment will increase year by year. Surely (sales will go up to) to 3 lakh within 3 years. (That is) our internal target”

upcoming honda bikes
The CB350 range has been doing good business for Honda..

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Ogata says that the portfolio will increase in this segment year by year. Honda is working on a 360 degree approach and aside products, it intends to increase the reach of its BigWing outlets to 300 touchpoints in the next three years – and that is a big target.

With this, Honda has announced war against the established rival Royal Enfield and if there is one player that can really hurt RE that has to be the Jap! Even by very conservative estimates we are looking at around 3-4 new models in this 350 to 500cc segment. But we just pray, Honda makes them in India and prices them sensibly, unlike the CB500X!

Source – Economic Times