The Avenger 220 is the only proper ‘cruiser’ available in India, this side of the imports – no, the Royal Enfields are not cruisers; they are ‘standard’ motorcycles that most people happen to choose to cruise. So while Indian manufacturers stay reluctant to enter this category, the American United Motorcycles have sniffed an opportunity in this segment and is about to slot one (in fact two) small capacity cruiser in the big (price-wise) gap available between the Bajaj Avenger 220 and the Hyosung Aquila 250.


United Motorcycles (UM) will be launching its first motorcycle in India, the Renegade Commando at a price of INR 1.25 lakh according to a latest report by Of course, we would have to test it before we tell you if it’s worth your hard-earned money, but, if first impressions are anything to go buy, this looks like a sweet deal.


Dig further and you’ll know that the cruiser is powered by a single-cylinder 223 cc air-cooled engine that puts out 18 PS of power at 8,000 rpm and 15.5 Nm of torque at 5,500 rpm.  The oil-cooled Avenger 220 in comparison offers 19 bhp at 8,400 rpm and 17.5 Nm torque at 7,000 rpm, but the Renegade is lighter by around 10 kg…

The Renegade also looks a lot more substantial; view it head on and you’ll mistake it for a bigger capacity cruiser. Also, this Fat-Boy-Slim (sorry, couldn’t resist that) will be the first cruiser in India to be offered in matte (military) green. UM has kept it simple here with black and white being the only other color options.


I like this motorcycle and really hope that it justifies the premium UM India is asking you to pay over the Avenger 220, which happens to be the only competition to the Renegade as of now. United Motorcycles will launch the Renegade most probably in November and reportedly initially in New Delhi, Pune and other metros. Obviously, it will be followed by other cities but we are not sure by when…

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  1. No tough fight if priced sensibly and sufficient support provided….rather we shall soon see loads of UMs on the roads..rather the highways…Indians do want to cruise (and roads waiting to be cruised are much much much higher in number than racing tracks in India)..but unfortunately it seems the manufacturers do not get the pulse of the people…

  2. Um has hit the right spot with its pricing, looks and features. However, an increment in power output is sought. UM also offers an interesting yet practical list of accessories with its motorcycles. The bikes looked attractive when I saw it in person at the Auto Expo.

  3. Dude u saying RE Thunderbird is not a crusier ..?? Then seriously u should have a second look at that bike again
    Punith Bharadwaj
    And avanger is a crusier ..!!,have u ridden avanger for more than 100 kms at a strech ?? I guess u haven’t on the same hand have u ridden a t-bird like that guess what u haven’t so don write things abt which you don’t knw and haven’t experienced it and I’m a regular bike advice reader and This is the first time I objected the post

    • Punith, while you may certainly disagree with someone, please refrain from challenging their experience. For all you know, the person’s DL issue date might be older than the date on your birth certificate. Also, try to understand the writer’s perspective before jumping the gun. I did not say that REs are bad ‘touring’ bikes, and neither is the Avenger the best ‘touring’ bike available in India; I just said that the latter is a ‘cruiser’ while the former isn’t. Like the Karizma also isn’t – it’s a sports-tourer, right? So, all REs (other than the CGT, which is a cafe racer) are NOT cruisers; they are standard motorcycles (say, like a T-Bonneville). Adding a high-rise handlebar and a more-comfortable seat to a ‘standard’ motorcycle DOES NOT make it a cruiser! Cheers and ride safe!

  4. plz plz before you utter word cruiser from your mouth .. Plz improve your knowledge cruiser’s are never single cylinder (case of all bikes except Aquila 2cylinders).. cruisers are either 2 or 4cylinders.. And none of the indian segment bikes have got more than 1cylinder lolzzz .. So all so called cruisers are nothing just plain bikes with so called cruiser looks & elongated chassis ..

    • Max, thanks for improving our knowledge on “cruisers” (and not cruiser’s). Your in-depth knowledge has really impressed us, so we won’t even dare to ask you to check out motorcycles like the Suzuki GZ250 and Suzuki Boulevard 650; we won’t.

  5. I am quite inclined to the view that T Bird is the best cruiser in India on this side of 2 lakhs . Pity the UM offering despite its Butch looks will not pose any challenge to it going by the power figures given..I appreciate the info provided..only firmed my decision in favour of T Bird


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