TVS Eurogrip Launches Tyres for Electric & High Performance Bikes

TVS Tyres sells under the Eurogrip brand and has launched more than thirty products in the replacement market very recently…

TVS Srichakra is getting very aggressive in the market with its tyre range. It has already introduced more than 20 new products recently and it says that all of them have been received pretty well in the market.

Adding to its portfolio, the Madurai based tyre manufacturing company has launched as many as 11 fresh products for different usages – all of them for the replacement market. These include tyres for scooters, high performance and commuter motorcycles apart from a design for e-richshaw.

These tyres have been added in the company’s following sub-brands…

Sportorq – Two tyres have been introduced in this range. The Sportorq is a high performance tyre that offers superior grip on both wet and dry surfaces and provides good control at high speeds.

Jumbo GT – Two products have been launched in this tyre range. These tyres are designed for durability and mileage.

Conta 725 – There is one tyre in this range. This is the company’s tyre brand for scooters and offers better fuel economy and grip.

Durapro – As many as five products have been introduced under the company’s Durapro sub-brand. These are again long lasting tyres that have a rugged design.

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e-Durapro – Understanding the need for electric vehicles, the company is offering e-Durapro tyres for electric rickshaws. There is one spec for these vehicles.

TVS tyres

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Here is the complete list of tyres and sizes that are now available for the replacement customers…

80/100-18 TL100/90-17 TL80/100-17 TL90/90-12 TL90/90-12 TT
2.75-18 TL100/90-18 TL2.75-17 TL
3.00-17 TL
3.00-18 TL
90/100-10 TL