Interesting: CEAT Launches Puncture-Safe Tyres For Motorcycles

Ceat puncture-safe tyres – These new tyres from CEAT are going to take away all your fears of punctures, as they heal themselves!

One of the biggest nightmares of motorcycle riders is that of facing an abrupt puncture right in the middle of a forest or a secluded highway. Conditions further worsen if it, unfortunately, happens during late hours of the night. Though tubeless tyres are probably the best technology that mankind could have seen for motorcycles, there are still chances of tyres going flat.

As a solution to that, CEAT, which is one of the leading tyre manufacturers in India, has launched its new range of tyres which are puncture-safe. These tyres come equipped with a patented technology that “self-heal”, and prevent deflation (loss of air-pressure) in case of a puncture.

The new tubeless tyres feature a patented sealant that seals the punctured area. According to the company, the sealant can fill punctures for nails up to 2.5 mm in diameter. It allows the rider to ride the motorcycle for a few kilometers as the tyre does not get flat immediately!

ceat puncture-safe tyres

As per the company, the new tyres are currently available in Kerala, Coimbatore, Salem, Bangalore, Mysore, and some other parts of Karnataka. While the company intends to expand the availability of these tyres in other parts of the country, they will be available in seven different sizes, which are compatible with most of the popular motorcycles currently on sale in India.

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This is an innovative development and we would love to use these tyres to understand how do they help prevent sudden deflation of tyres. We are also about to launch BikeAdvice Shop where we will collate all the options available for your motorcycling needs at one place. So, if you are in the market to buy tyres for your 2-wheeler, you can check our ‘under development‘ microsite here.

-Moin Ahmed